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Grooming Sprays created by #1 All Systems enhance, protect, refine, control without build-up, stickiness or brittleness.

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Brushes and Metal Combs by #1 All Systems designed for looks and built to last.

New! Got Hair Action by
#1 All Systems Step 1: Smoothing Keratin Shampoo .. 32oz

Got Hair Action? Get the look now with #1 All Systems' fabulous new grooming system. Shampoo, Smoothing Serum and Leave In Conditioner
#1 All Systems Got Hair Action | Smoothing Serum And Hair Apparent
Review This Grand Champion came from Finland and went to his handlers in Louisiana. His coat condition really suffered in the transition. They tried Got Hair Action and are now winning Groups and Best In Shows! ... Gen Zaphiris, one of the owners and also Editor for Dog News said , "We went from FlyAway to Best In Show thanks to Got Hair Action by #1 All Systems".

Brazilian Style Blow-Out GOT HAIR ACTION By #1 ALL SYSTEMS Transforms Coats From Stressed To Spectacular

 Smoothing Serum + Moisturizer
Revolutionary keratin-based treatment smoothes, adds texture plus volume, repairs, strengthens and shines even the most damaged and unmanageable coats. 100% formaldehyde-free, this serum protects from the elements and from the damage caused by brushing, blow drying and flat ironing as well as damage from styling aids.

 Hair Apparent Leave In Conditioner
Formulated to seal and protect the keratin treatment giving it longer life. Significantly reduces maintenance. This exceptional humectant moisturizing leave in conditioner is ready to use for adding moisture, texture and natural shine without build-up. Builds body and improves manageability instantly.


 Smoothing Keratin Shampoo Technologically advanced, cosmetic-based shampoo gently removes dirt and residue.

Step:1 Keratin Shampoo prepares the coat for Smoothing Serum Conditioner and Hair Apparent Treatments.
#1 All Systems Products | Got Hair Action32oz .. $16.95

Step 2: Smoothing Serum +
Smoothes - adds texture plus volume
#1 All Systems Products | Got Hair Action16oz .. $16.95

Step 3:Hair Apparent Leave In
Seal and finish with this conditioner
#1 All Systems Products | Got Hair Action16oz .. $10.95
#1 All Systems Products | Got Hair ActionBRAZILIAN BLOW OUT
Complete System .. $43.00
DOG NEWS  Raleigh Kennel Club 2012
Raleigh Kennel Club 2012 Best In Show Goes To
CH OF Skyeline Captain Hook
Conditioned By #1 All Systems

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