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Maintenance and conditioning of the coated show dog should not have to be a tedious or laborious assignment.

Proper use of fine products available to us today, coupled with a knowledge of technique, can make this task quick and easy with rewarding results.

#1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner enhances coat texture and prevents matting. This superior conditioner is specifically recommended for difficult to manage coats, such as Bichon Frise', cottony or silky coated Poodles, cotton coated Afghan Hounds, Shih Tzu, most American Cockers and similar coat types.

This superb #1 All Systems conditioner is formulated with botanical extracts for instant conditioning. Adds texture and shine.

#1 All Systems Protein Lotion Conditioner is for all coat types and is especially recommended for harder textured coats and for building body.

This completely natural conditioner formulated with pure vegetable protein and herbs has a natural ginger scent and is super concentrated. It detangles, is an anti-static, and keeps coats looking and smelling better longer.

#1 All Systems Premium Protein Pack &  Pre-Chalk Conditioner is Pure Cosmetic Collagen formulated with skin and hair enhancing herbs recommended for conditioning coats which do not require oil, such as Golden Retrievers, Shetland Sheepdogs, Chow Chows, Pekes, Poms, Collies, Bouviers and coats of similar type and construction. This conditioner can be applied as is or mixed with water and spayed into the coat.

It will not soften natural coat texture or build up on the coat. It holds chalk in the coat so that when your dog shakes it will not fly out.

This state-of-art product enhances coat texture, leaves hair with a luxurious finish and does not contain alcohol. Will not cause even the most porous coats to yellow.

#1 All Systems Color Enhancing Botanical Conditioners do not contain ammonia or bleach. Coat texture and shine will be improved, not softened or dulled and weakened, as is generally the case with most other coloring products. Effects are generally obvious through 2-3 shampoos.

Can be sprayed into clean coat or applied as you would a regular conditioner to a moist, freshly shampooed coat. The longer this conditioner is left in the hair, the more color and coverage are achieved.

If a more gradual change is desired Color Enhancing Conditioners can be mixed with another #1 All Systems Conditioner. Select:

#1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner for drop coats or
#1 All Systems Protein Lotion Conditioner for rough and or hard coats.

"Holding Coats" "in oil" or "put down in oil" all refer to the same thing:
applying a product that will reduce tangling and matting of the hair, therefore virtually eliminating between bath brushing. The reduced stress on the coat assures the achievement of maximum volume and length.

Many of the coat-holding products on the market are designed to coat the hair shaft with oil to keep it from matting and tangling. They do not condition. Consequently, the minute the oil is removed (usually with a harsh, detergent -type shampoo) the hair is very dry and weakened, with a loss of natural elasticity, making it vulnerable to breakage.

Healthy natural glow is lost and hair becomes more susceptible to matting... the very thing you have been trying to avoid from the start.  A lot of hair without good condition is simply a lot of poorly conditioned hair.

Lanolin is natures best moisturizer. As it is absorbed into the skin and coat, it restores and maintains the natural moisture balance necessary for maximum hair growth and optimum elasticity. Lanolin also acts as a natural Lanolin also acts as a natural repellent to fleas, virtually eliminating the need for sprays and dips.

#1 All Systems Lanolin Plus can be a little tricky to work with, but once you've mastered the techniques you will be amazed and delighted at the phenomenal condition and ease of maintenance that will be achieved in your show coats.

#1 All Systems Protein Lotion Conditioner is one of the keys to successful oil technique when mixed in the proper proportions with #1 All Systems Lanolin Plus. In addition to the wonderful conditioning benefits of the protein, it is an excellent de-tangler and anti-static product.

Mix a fresh solution of Protein Lotion Conditioner and Lanolin Plus. for each application. We recommend using a 32oz applicator-type bottle, for mixing and distribution. Measure ingredients into the bottle and fill half way with hot water. SHAKE THOROUGHLY. Finish filling the bottle with warm water and shake again. This insures proper blending of the ingredients.
 Apply the solution evenly to a freshly bathed, damp coat.

The critical step for success: RINSE THOROUGHLY! This will insure even distribution of the product. The hair shaft will grab what it needs and the excess will be rinsed away. By coating each hair shaft with #1 All Systems Lanolin Plus you are assuring that the coat is properly "put down". Between bath brushing should be eliminated.
After applying the selected conditioning and coat holding product for a particular coat, #1 All Systems  Pin Brushesblow dry the coat carefully with a medium heat dryer. Brush gently using a pin brush following the lay of the hair, taking care to minimize stress on the hair shaft.  Oil should be completely removed from the coat prior to re-application and, of course, before shows.
This is best accomplished with these products that will effectively remove all traces of oil without stripping the coat, burning the skin or altering color:
#1 All Systems  Crisp Coat Shampoo
 # 1 All Systems
Crisp Coat Botanical Texturizing De-Toxifying Shampoo

#1 All Systems  Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo  # 1 All Systems
Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo

Coats maintained regularly "in oil" should be treated to insure complete removal of any excess conditioning residue. This will insure restoration of the natural proper coat texture, i.e. put the 'snap' back into the coat.  Treat effectively with:
#1 All Systems  Product Stablizer # 1 All Systems Product Stabilizer and Coat Re-Texturizer

#1 All Systems  Botanical ConditionerBOTANICAL CONDITIONER
* Tames, texturizes, detangles and shines even the most difficult to manage coats.
* Enhances the natural feel of the coat. * Speeds drying time. * Great "quick conditioner". * May be left in coat for continued conditioning action.

BOTANCIAL CONDITIONER 16ozAdd To Cart 16oz .. $16.95    BOTANICAL CONDITIONER GallonAdd To Cart  Gallon .. $42.95

#1 All Systems  Protein Lotion ConditionerPROTEIN LOTION CONDITIONER
* Used with Lanolin Plus and left in for "Holding coats" (keep coat in "oil" to prevent breakage, deep condition and preserve coat) . * Used alone and rinsed out as a "Show day" conditioner. * Improves pet coat with continued use . * Cuts grooming time. * Builds coat body and enhances natural texture.

SUPER RICH PROTEIN LOTION CONDITIONER 16ozAdd To Cart 16oz .. $16.95    SUPER CLEANING & CONDITIONING SHAMPO GallonAdd To Cart  Gallon .. $38.95

#1 All Systems  Pure Lanolin Plus
* Used with Protein Conditioner for "Holding coats" or as a brush-out agent
between baths. * Will not rub off on furniture or attract dirt. * Deep conditions, strengthens and improves resiliency. * Reduces matting and promotes hair growth.

PURE LANOLIN PLUS 16ozAdd To Cart 16oz .. $23.95    PURE LANOLIN PLUS GallonAdd To Cart  Gallon .. $79.95

#1 All Systems  Humectant OilHUMECTANT OIL
* A lightweight, water-soluble moisturizing oil and conditioner for "holding coats" . * "Goof proof" no rinse formula is easy to use. * Helps eliminate dry skin, fly-away coat, matting and tangling with regular use . * Recommended for use on single, fine, silky coats, bleached and very porous coats.

HUMECTANT MOISTURIZING OIL 16ozAdd To Cart 16oz .. $23.95    HUMECTANT MOISTURIZING OIL GallonAdd To Cart  Gallon .. $79.95 

* Instant and continuous anti-stat properties * No stiff, sticky or greasy build-up. * Can be used straight or diluted as a spray or creme rinse. * Helps preserve hard coated furnishings and prevents damage caused by frequent bathing and blow drying. * Excellent pre-chalk conditioner.

PREMUM PROTEIN PACK 16ozAdd To Cart 16oz .. $23.95

#1 All Systems  Color Enhancing ConditionersCOLOR ENHANCING CONDITIONERS
* Midnight (Blue Black) Red/Brown (Warm Golden red brown) Platinum
* Actually Improves coat texture and volume * Adds body and texture * Concentrated, may be cut with #1 ALL SYSTEMS Conditioners: Protein Lotion Conditioner for hard and rough coats - Botanical Conditioner for drop and silky coats. Mix Colors with Platinum to reduce intensity. 16oz .. $18.95


Invisible Hold & Styling GelINVISIBLE HOLD STYLING GEL
* A lightweight, freshly scented Setting Styling gel *Blocks the effects of humidity, and static electricity *Not oily and not gummy * Will not build-up, coat can be brushed after it is applied * Contains moisturizers and hair strengthening conditioners * Can be applied to wet or dry hair to hold shape and style

INVISIBLE HOLD STLYING GELAdd To Cart 16oz .. $12.95    
#1 All Systems  Get It StraightGET IT STRAIGHT
* Hair Dressing Treatment that: TAMES, even the most unruly of coats, use on wet hair to relax cowlicks curls etc., SHINES; all coats colors TEXTURIZES; improves and enhances all coat types * Highly concentrated use sparingly * Apply to clean freshly bathed wet or dry hair * Formulated from wheat protein and silk amino acids * With repeated use the condition of coat steadily improves

GET IT STRAIGHT 8ozAdd To Cart 8oz .. $10.95
#1 All Systems  Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo SUPER CLEANING & CONDITIONING SHAMPOO:
* Cleans thoroughly without harsh detergents. * Will not burn skin or strip coat of conditioners or color. Safe enough to use daily. * Residue free. Rinses out completely. * Enhances coats natural color and texture. * Controls static. * Concentrated, low sudsing formula is Ph balanced (6.3) for sensitive skin. * Tearless formula.

SUPER CLEANING & CONDITIONING SHAMPOO 16ozAdd To Cart 16oz .. $12.95    SUPER CLEANING & CONDITIONING SHAMPOO GallonAdd To Cart  Gallon .. $38.95

#1 All Systems  Crisp Coat Texturuzing Shampoo CRISP COAT BOTANICAL TEXTURIZING SHAMPOO:
* Created specifically for hard and rough coated breeds. Recommended for any breed where crisp texture and maximum volume are critical to presentation and breed standard * Made from all natural hair and skin purifying botanical ingredients such as Rosemary and Mint. * Removes chlorine and heavy minerals from skin and coat * Puts the Snap Back Into the Coat * Safe for fragile coats.


*Removes residues, leaves skin refreshed, returns the coat to its natural, unaltered state. *Restores natural texture and shine to over-conditioned (limp) over-processed (buildup) and over-relaxed (separated) coats. *Helps cure flea dermatitis, hot-spots and weeping, psoriasis-like problems *Recommended for soft coated dogs that are over-conditioned, greasy or flaky skin and dog odor.

PRODUCT STABILIZER 32ozAdd To Cart 32oz .. $16.95    PRODUCT STABILIZER GallonAdd To Cart  Gallon .. $36.95


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