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Hair is a fine protein filament which grows from the skin of animals and man. When in condition, it is a symbol of beauty, excellence, good health and superior care.

Long and flowing or thick and full coat in optimum condition is a breathtaking sight in the show ring, as well as a source of pride for the owner, be it a household pet or a Best In Show winner. Better knowledge of the hair we deal with will enrich our understanding of its proper care.

Hair grows at different rates depending on genetic make-up, time of the year, care and overall general health of the animal. The hair shaft, root and skin can be damaged by the indiscriminate or improper use of chemicals.

The skin serves as a barrier to water loss by the body. If this protective barrier is damaged it cannot function properly, leading to dryness. You can promote hair growth if you create the proper climate.

Hair textures vary from breed to breed and individual to individual. To the average pet owner these differences may be so subtle as to be practically non-existent. However to the professional stylist, as well as the seasoned show dog owner, these differences can be all too evident.  The multi-dog atmosphere we are in enlightens us to this fact.

The natural texture of the coat is a genetically determined subject. It can, however, be altered by nutrition, climate, chemicals and care. In other words, a dog of decent genetic background kept parasite free and given a good diet will be able to grow coat. It is up to us to see that he keeps the coat he grows!

Hair is affected by the climate; wind, moisture (or lack of it), heat, cold, sun, dust and static. Static is one of the most common causes of tangling, matting and breakage. Dirt and dust have an abrasive affect, causing splitting and weakening of the hair shaft. This is why it is important to keep the coat as clean as possible and avoid brushing or combing a dirty coat.

Most oils used to hold coats between show days simply coat the hair and act as a magnet to dirt and dust. This causes matting, thus necessitating more frequent grooming sessions.

Harsh silicones can create static, attract dust and dirt and encourage tangling. Silicones are also absorbed by the hair shaft. Blown up and coated artificially, the hair becomes brittle and eventually breaks. Alcohol is another chemical used in many hair care products which is drying to the skin and hair.

#1 ALL SYSTEMS products contain all natural healthy ingredients that promote hair growth by creating a healthy climate for coat to thrive.


#1 All Systems Professional ShampoosCleanse thoroughly without stripping coats of natural oils.
Meticulously ph-balanced, #1 All Systems shampoos will not irritate or cause dryness and will rinse clean without leaving residues.


#1 All Systems State-Of-The-Art ConditionersEffective, affordable, state-of-the-art hair care technology places #1 All Systems at the forefront in the creation of conditioners for dogs and cats that provide reliable responses for every grooming challenge.


#1 All Systems Advanced Grooming SpraysSpecialized sprays have been developed by #1 All Systems so that you never have to brush out a dry coat. #1 All Systems grooming sprays protect, enhance and refine.

#1 ALL SYSTEMS#1 All Systems Grooming Priducts Respond To Every Grooming Challenge

Technologically advanced grooming products are used with confidence by groomers, handlers and exhibitors in competition.

Top show dogs must be impeccably groomed and in spectacular condition to continue with their winning ways.

Your pet dogs & cats deserve the very best too.

The advantage is yours when you groom at home with advanced grooming products that have been perfected and proven in and for the dog show and cat show world.

#1 All Systems shampoos, conditioners and finishing products are precisely formulated professional products the respond to every grooming challenge. #1 All Systems grooming tools are crafted with the finest workmanship and built to last. .

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