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#1 All Systems Grooming  Soft 27MM Pin Brush

#1 ALL SYSTEMS     "Because I Am #1"     27MM SOFT PIN BRUSH

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#1 All Systems for unsurpassed quality and excellence ...
the finest grade pin brushes now available with contoured wood handle, large oval head with soft pad and long 27MM pins.

These brushes are constructed with extra cushion to ensure comfort and gentleness on the coat and to minimize hair loss. The superior pad design of the #1 All Systems Pin Brush allows the pins to rotate with snarls and tangles for your pets' comfort throughout the brush out.

This brush is ideal for silky, fragile and dense coats.
#1 All Systems brushes are thoroughly tested and acclaimed by top professionals worldwide.

Beautifully designed, contoured Beechwood handle ... this brush is a pleasure to use. Select full size with large oval head or convenient pocket size.

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27MM Pin Brush - Full Size 27MM Pin Brush .. $16.95
Large oval head with white, soft pad for silky, fragile and dense coats
27MM Pin Brush - In Small, Pocket Size 27MM Pin Brush .. $16.95 in Small and convenient Pocket Size .. Perfect For Ringside

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"Brushing out the coat is the most important step in grooming ... It is the foundation for all that follows."
The Stone Guide to Dog Grooming For All Breeds

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