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Technologically Advanced Conditioners

#1 All Systems Conditioners correct and deliver instant improvement for all coats, even the most difficult to manage.

With an intelligent range of products #1 ALL SYSTEMS provides the reliable response for every grooming challenge.

Botanical Conditioner
is recommended for drop, soft, cottony and silky coats such as, and similar to Bichon Frise, Cottony and Silky Coated Poodles, Cottony Coated Afghan Hounds, Shih Tzu, most American Cockers. Excellent for fine, fragile coats.

Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner
is for all coat types and especially recommended for building body and for harder, rough and open coats.


The first in a new generation of instant conditioners for instant conditioning adds texture and shine. Enhances and controls even the most difficult coats with less build-up. Especially recommended for fragile coats.

Formulated with botanical extracts this tecnhologically advanced conditioner reduces static, matting and tangling for a silkier than ever, beautifully finished look.

Botanical Conditioner 16oz 16oz .. $16.95
Save On Products .. Save On Shipping Buy Two For .. $14.95 Each
Botanical Conditioner Gallon Save Even More .. Gallon $42.95

Super Rich Protein
        Lotion Conditioner

This completely natural conditioner formulated with pure vegetable protein and herbs has a natural ginger scent and is super concentrated. It detangles, is an anti-static, and keeps coats looking and smelling better longer.

For all coat types, especially recommended for hard textured coats. Maintains proper texture, cuts static, enhances volume and adds shine.

Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner 16oz 16oz .. $16.95
Save On Products .. Save On Shipping Buy Two For .. $14.95 Each
Save Even More .. Gallon $38.95

#1 All Systems ... for the perfectly brushed out and finished coat

Specialized grooming sprays have been developed by #1 ALL SYSTEMS ™ so that you never have to brush out a dry coat.

#1 ALL SYSTEMS™ grooming sprays protect, enhance, refine. Finishing Products created by #1 ALL SYSTEMS are technically advanced and truly state-of-the-art.

Your pet will never have a bad hair day again ...
your show dog will show off with the finished look!


Get It Straight
Coat Polish and
Hair Dressing

A superlative grooming aid and conditioning product. Repairs damaged coats, blocks humidity and static and tames frizzies.

Adds texture, natural shine, and improves manageability. Use on clean wet or dry coat for smoothing out the coat, relaxing waves, "cowlicks" and curls.

No Alcohol or preservatives, fragrance free.

Fabulous Grooming Spray

Dramatically increases both smoothness and moisturization of the coat and skin in 3-7 days. The coat is coated by lipids and conditioners that protect the hair. This same ingredient also prevents matting, tangling, static and splitting even if the hair gets wet after spraying.

3D Volumizing Spray

Adds amazing volume and thickness. Never greasy or stiff. Brush without damage after application. Mist with water to renew. Can apply just at the roots to lift the coat.

Mat Blaster Plus

A totally unique product. Adds extra shine and is terrific for dematting.

This exceptional spray is also great for breaking down lacquer, hair spray, setting gel, lotions and chalk.

Alleviates dry skin and associated flaking skin and is an ideal daily grooming spray.
A fine mist aerosol, this grooming spray will not build-up and can be used daily.

Get It Straight $10.95

Fabulous Grooming Spray $16.95  Grooming Spray
3D Volumizing Spray $16.95 Volumizing Spray

Moisturizing Coat Protector & Enhancer $16.95

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