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Flea & Tick
#1 All Systems Professional Formula Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo is a safe, gentle baby shampoo based formulation containing natural pyrethrins.Rich in conditioners and highly effective against fleas, tick and lice. Gallon   Flea & Tick Shampoo Gallon $33.95 .. DISCONTINUED
See Tea Tree Spray Instead.

For sparkling clean, residue-free coats use
#1 All Systems Super Cleaning Conditioning Shampoo

Tea Tree

#1 All Systems Tea Tree SprayThis fabulous first aid kit in a bottle is an all natural
anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, analgesic.
For insect bites, fungus, hot spots, infections. Cures all types of sores. Contains a natural solvent which permits absorption into the skin.  A new state-of-art ingredient has been added which keeps pets from licking it off.
Tea Tree Spray $12.95

For medicated baths, add to
#1 All Systems Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo.

Ear So Fresh
        Herbal Ear Wash

#1 All Systems Ear So Fresh
A natural herbal ear wash for both dogs and cats for the ultimate in ear hygiene.

A most effective soothing blend of full strength herbal extracts to soothe, clean and protect against ear infections.  Keeps ears clean, fresh and reduces earwax build-up. Free of harsh & artificial chemicals, coloring agents and preservatives.

Ear So Fresh $12.95

Product Stabilizer
             Coat Re-Texturizer
        Skin Refresher

#1 All Systems Product StabilizerThis totally natural rinse cleanses skin and removes irritating residues. #1 All Systems Product Stabilizer is recommended for dogs and cats with problem skin due to parasites, fleas, dermatitis or from exposure to harsh chemicals. Stabilizer is recommended for (and is critical for) soft and or double-coated dogs being maintained in oil and conditioners between shows. This exceptional product restores and maintains natural coat texture and protects the coat from becoming over-conditioned and over-processed.
Product Stabilizer 32oz 32oz $16.95
Product Stabilizer Gallon Gallon $36.95

              Natural Stain &
        Odor Eliminator

#1 All Systems ALL-ZYME is
a natural biodegradable enzymatic product with surfecants that not only permanently eliminate pet odors but also gets rid of the stain. Anything cleanable with water, is cleanable with
ALL-ZYME. #1 All Systems All-Zyme

Use in a bucket, spray bottle, in a carpet shampooer or hose sprayer.

Safe for pets, plants
and the environment.
ALL-ZYME $29.95

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