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#1 All Systems Premium Protein Pack Pre-Chalk Conditioner holds chalk in the coat so that when your dog shakes it will not fly out. It enhances coat texture, leaves hair with a luxurious finish and does not contain alcohol. Will not cause even the most porous coats to yellow. Recommended as a coat dressing on long coats and is recommended in place of cholesterol.
16oz Jar w/ Pump

Premium Protein Pack
& Pre Chalk

            Pure Cosmetic Collagen

This skin and coat conditioner is collagen enriched, fortified with healthy herbs and hair enhancing vitamins. It is a luxurious moisturizing cosmetic cream that is ideal for total conditioning of double coats that contain a wooly, short undercoat and hard, straight outer guard coat. Especially recommended for Pekes, Poms, Papillons, Goldens, Newfoundlands, Great Pyrenees, Siberians, Malamutes, Springers, Bouvs and coats of like type, texture and design. Also recommended for conditioning the furnishings of hard coated terrier breeds.

Pure Cosmetic Skin & Coat Conditioner $23.95

Pure Cosmetic
Lanolin Plus

              Skin & Hair

Specially formulated to super moisturize skin and hair by replacing moisture lost through frequent bathing, blow-drying and exposure to sun and wind. Gives the coat fabulous resiliency, cuts grooming time, repairs damage, strengthens the hair shaft to protect the coat from future damage.  This
#1 All Systems product is absorbed by the skin and coat and contains all natural ingredients with no alcohol or silicone.   Enhances natural color and texture.

Pure Lanolin Plus 16oz 16oz  $23.95
Pure Lanolin Plus Gallon Gallon $79.95
Humectant Oil

This light weight, fresh scented, completely water soluble conditioner is safe for white, bleached and/or very porous coats. A complete conditioner with pharmaceutical humectant moisturizers, anti-static conditioners and detanglers. This amazing #1 All Systems product virtually eliminates dry skin and coat, matting and tangling. Minimizes coat loss and is especially recommended for single, fine silky and cottony coats.

Humectant Oil 16oz 16oz  $23.95
Humectant Oil Gallon Gallon $79.95

Invisible Hold
Setting & Styling Gel 

Invisible to the eye, hand and brush but very effective in holding the coat. This is a light, freshly scented setting and styling gel that provides an invisible hold. This unique #1 All Systems product blocks the effects of both humidity and dry atmosphere by controlling frizzies and fly-away hair. Contains moisturizing and strengthening conditioners. Non-oily and not sticky, it can be used on even the most fragile coats over the course of several days without build-up or the need to rebathe. #1 All Systems Invisible Hold and Styling Gel is formulated for both cats and dogs.
Invisible Hold - Setting & Styling Gel $12.95
Applicator Brush Gel Applicator Brush  $2.95

Super Whitening
            Clear Gel

Safely removes stains from tearing, urine and food.
Contains new
state-of-the art humectant moisturizing glycerin and
strengthening conditioners.
#1 All Systems Whitening Gel is an easy to use clear gel for use clean hair wet or dry. This gel conditions and strengthens hair making it more resistant to future staining.  

Maximum stain removing action takes approximately 15 minutes.

Super Whitening Gel Super Whitening Gel $12.95
Applicator Brush Gel Applicator Brush  $2.95

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