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Keeping animals healthy and beautiful ...#1 All Systems Products Are State-Of-The-Art

Ultimate Pin Brush
Ultimate Oblong Brush
Ultimate Slicker Brush
Ultimate Metal Comb
Unique Massage Brush
Pure Boar Brislte Brush
Pin Brush 27MM Soft
Pin Brush 27MM Firm
Pin Brush 35MM Soft
Pin Brush 35MM Firm
Fab De-Matting Comb
Perfect Poodle Comb

Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo

  • basic

  • for all coat types
  • gentle

  • for sensitive skin

  • for fragile coats

  • for puppies

  • for kittens

  • residue free

  • rinses well

#1 All Systems Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo

A specially formulated shampoo, rich in conditioners. Cleanses thoroughly without stripping or softening the coat. Gentle enough to be used every day. 

The unique formula of this #1 All Systems shampoo significantly reduces mats and tangles since only excess oil and dirt are removed and not the coat's essential natural oils.

Safe for even the most sensitive skin and coats
Safe for puppies, lactating bitches and kittens.

Super Cleaning Conditioning Shampoo 16oz Super Cleaning Conditioning Shampoo 16oz .. $12.95

Super Cleaning Conditioning Shampoo Gallon Super Cleaning Conditioning & Shampoo Gallon .. $36.95



The first in a new generation of instant conditioners. Enhances and controls even the most difficult coats with less build-up. Reduces static, matting and tangling for a silkier than ever, beautifully finished look.

Fabulous Grooming Spray
Smoothing Serum
Nourishes * Protects * Replenishes

Increases smoothness and moisturization. Prevents matting, tangling,
static and splitting. Repels dirt. With continued use coats improve in condition, texture, volume, compatibility, gloss.

Super Rich Lotion

An all natural conditioner formulated with pure protein and herbs. Especially recommended for hard textured coats. Maintains proper texture, cuts static, enhances volume and adds lustrous shine.

Botanical Conditioner 16oz  Botanical Conditioner
$12.95 .. 16oz

Fabulous Grooming Spray Fabulous Grooming Spray
$12.95 .. 12oz

Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner 16oz Super Rich Conditioner
$12.95 .. 16oz

Botanical Conditioner Gallon  Botanical Conditioner
  $36.95 .. Gallon

Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner Gallon Super Rich Conditioner
  $36.95 .. Gallon

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