Ena Lane the internationally renowned breeder and exhibitor is featured in this beautifully detailed presentation of proven grooming methods ...
While most applicable to longhaired breeds,
this simple to follow, step-by-step guide to
grooming your dog shows how to achieve that
"finished look" for all dogs, whatever breed.

In this video Ena shares the spotlight with the
spectacular multiple Best in Show Champion
Show Off's Humor Me.
The American, Mexican, Italian, Luxemburg , Swiss Champion was Best of Breed at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Show in 1998 and 1999
and #1 USA Shih Tzu.

"Covers all the basics and the secrets"  ...
Demonstrates all the correct grooming techniques
for longhaired breeds. The essentials that this program will teach you :

Proper techniques for brushing out the coat
Bathing correctly and efficiently
 How to shampoo, condition and maintain the coat
 Correct methods for blow drying  
 Ironing  the coat for length and a smooth finish
Preventing stains and maintaining the face fall
The Top Knot for everyday and for show

Best of all, this video will show you how to make grooming
a pleasant and rewarding experience for you and your dog.

"Pet owner and show person alike will find this video worthwhile and very informative."
  Joe Walton, AKC Multi Group Judge, Breeder, American Shih Tzu Club President

"This video provides excellent instruction for both the novice and the expert."
 Martha Olmos-Ollivier, AKC Multi Group Judge

"Ena Lane of Show Off Shih Tzu fame has come out with a grooming video that is quite simply the best of its kind ever done. Ena has spent a zillion hours perfecting her methods; her easy way of explaining how things should be done covers all the basics and a few secrets. This video is a must ..."    
ShowSight Magazine

"The latest grooming video on the market is "Show Off Your Dog" by Ena Lane...This sixty minute video is designed to cover the basics of grooming and does so very well.
Laced throughout this video are beneficial tips...the quality is excellent, very  professionally done... I would highly recommend it to anyone learning to groom or looking for different methods. This is a 'must have' video for you!"  
 The Shih Tzu Reporter

...Show Off Your Dog hosted by Ena Lane ... is a must. The video, produced by MJM  /A.R.T. Productions, helps owners achieve a finished look for all dogs. It covers basics that apply to any breed such as brushing, bathing and drying and techniques longhaired dog owners won't want to miss: a step-by-step explanation of tying the top knot and brushing a long coat. As the narrator notes, 'The perfectly groomed dog is an inspiration
and a pleasure to see'."          DOG FANCY

Proven grooming methods and essential techniques
for the 'finished' look

your pet look will look like a show dog ...
your show dog will look like a winner

60 Minutes Running Time        MJM /A.R.T. Productions  LLC        All Rights Reserved
This VHS Cassette is available in DVD

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"The most complete guide available about dog grooming for every dog owner."
This is the video that should go home with every pet puppy