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We are pleased to share this story from an IBBR volunteer about a rescued and released bear cub

John Paul Pet Grooming Wipes For A Special Bear Cub

This particular cub was pretty special. The little guy was only 23 pounds and should have been at the least twice that size.

Cinnamon in color with ears, nose and ankles darker brown, he really was cute!
And, he was really a mess. He had been out on his own for a several weeks.

Rich (WA Fish & Game Officer) had been given some of John Paul Pet Wipes to try for his dog, he purposely brought them along to use on the cub with great results!

The IBBR (ID Black Bear Rehab) Boise Idaho is a nonprofit organization that cares for orphaned and abandoned bear cubs. These cubs would never survive alone through the first winter without their mothers. Fish and Game Departments in different states determine if cubs are to be transferred to the IBBR for rehab.

The goal is to release cubs the next spring or summer to live back in the wild where they belong and desire to be.

In a recent year the IBBR had 53 cubs sent to them from Idaho and several surrounding states. The young bears did not have to contend with fires and years of droughts which had led to poor food sources.

Bears are released back into the state they came from and stay up in the mountains where they should.  The mission is to keep them wild. Humanizing them leads to failure in the wild.

The IBBR has a great reputation worldwide for their success rate with bears from a rehab not becoming nuisance bears.

John Paul Pet Full Body & Paw Wipes Formulated To Be Gentle and Safe

Rich had to sedate the cub to transfer him into our cage. Sometimes we don't have to sedate bears, and prefer not to, but had no choice in this case. Rich took the opportunity to clean up this cub while he was sedated.

John Paul Pet Grooming Wipes Are Pre-Moistened

We laid the cub on the tail gate and then proceeded to gently clean the cub with John Paul Pet Full Body & Paw Wipes. Rich loves what he does and it shows. This was going above and beyond the job description, but didn't surprise me.

John Paul Pet Grooming Wipes Clean and Moisturize Paws
Before ...
Dirty paws big time.

After John Paul Pet Body & Paw Wipes ...
Wow, that's a clean bear paw

John Paul Pet Full Body & Bath Wipes Help To Groom & Clean After Outings or For A Quick Cleanup Sleep Well, Wasaka.  A Better Life Is Waiting For You.

John Paul Pet Products used on a bear!
Now that's a soft and clean smelling cub.

One more last feel of the sweetest smelling and softest bear ever to come to IBBR. Bears are not usually sweet smelling, trust me.

This will be the last human contact he has until he is sedated for his return trip to Washington State for his release.

The last WA bear was 10 pounds when we picked him up, still bottle feeding and was 190 pounds on return for release. This cub will wake up soon to his own picnic for his trip to IBBR. We named him Wasaka which is Native American and means strong.  He thrived and was released.

Terri, Rich & Wasaka

Terri, Rich and Wasaka.
By the way, Rich loves his dog too.  His dog is part of his life and job. It's an officially trained Karelian Cougar/Bear dog that joins in on bear releases.

Thank you Terri and Rich, for your compassion and for all the good work that you do. - MJM
Idaho Black Bear Rehab Inc. (IBBR)
6097 Arney Lane
Garden City, Idaho 83714


Since 1989, IBBR has accepted cubs from Washington, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, California, Nevada, and Idaho.

Please make a donation: http://www.bearrehab.org/funding.html
IBBR is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization

"When the last individual of a race of living things breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass until such a one can be seen again." - William Beebe

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