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Grooming Your Dog With John Paul Pet Products

John Paul Pet

The John Paul Pet Systems
PRODUCT PACKAGES ... the perfect introduction to
the first salon quality pet grooming product line

This Starter Kit created for you by John Paul Pet is perfect for grooming your cat or dog.

It has everything you need: a luxury shampoo and instant conditioning spray for shine and manageabiltiy PLUS fabulous eye & ear wipes for good health and a clean, fresh face!

John Paul Pet products are extra gentle and contain exclusive botanical blends that leave your pet's coat in beautiful condition with added luster.

From the co-founder of PAUL MITCHELL salon hair care, John Paul Pet products lead the way in providing the best for grooming your dog and cat.

John Paul Pet 3-Pack has
Oatmeal Shampoo 16oz
Oatmeal Conditioning Spray 8oz
Eye & Ear Grooming Wipes
John Paul Pet • 3-Pack Starter $28.99 ADD TO Cart

John Paul Pet • Starter Pack

John Paul Pet • Tea Tree Pack
Fleas Flee Naturally From Tea Tree!
Keep your pet clean, healthy and happy with this complete set:
John Paul Pet Tea Tree Package

A deterrent to biting insects that is safe for pets and the environment Tea Tree oil also offers soothing comfort and healing for pets suffering from itchy skin irritations.

• Tea Tree Shampoo meets your pet’s higher ph balance requirements

• Tea Tree Conditioning Spray deep cleans, cools and soothes

• Combined with hygienic Full Body Paw Wipes, to reduce dirt, dander, and build-up on coats and sensitive paws

John Paul Pet Tea Tree Pack has
Tea Tree Shampoo 16oz
Tea Tree Conditioning Spray 8oz
Full Body & Paw Grooming Wipes
John Paul Pet • 3-Pack Starter $28.99 ADD TO Cart

Stained and dull coats are NOT beautiful.

John Paul Pet’s Ultra-Bright Pack has a brightening shampoo that works for all coat colors to remove stains and brighten colors.  Add Instant Detangling Spray to this beauty treatment for silky shine.  For eyes and ears that are healthy and odor-free, add John Paul Pet wipes.

• Super Bright Shampoo is formulated to whiten and brighten. This extraordinary formula has been developed for light coats and works great to brighten dark colored coats too! Adds great shine.

• Instant Detangling Spray Conditions smoothes kinky coats and eases the stress of brushing knotted hair.

• Ear & Eye Wipes keep your pets feeling as good as they look.  Eliminate and protect against dangerous build-up and odor.

Give your pet the ultimate at home spa beauty experience
with this special system.

Ultra-Bright Pack with
Super Bright Shampoo 16oz
Instant Detangling Spray 8oz
Eye & Ear Wipes
John Paul Pet • 3-Pack Starter $28.99 ADD TO Cart

John Paul Pet • Ultra Bright Pack

Gentle care and grooming for a new puppy or kitten is one of their basic needs, just like food or water.

Package contains a very gentle Tearless Shampoo that deep cleans sensitive skin and face areas, without burning or irritating eyes.  Leaves your pet with a fresh deodorized scent.

For young pets that have an adversity to water (especially kittens), our Waterless Foam Shampoo works wonders. This thick, luxurious foam penetrates, deep cleans and deodorizes pet coats. It requires no rinsing and brushes out easily when dry.

Included for everyday hygiene care, Full Body & Paw Wipes, enriched with Lanolin, these convenient wipes clean and deodorize, while helping to remove dirt and bacteria between toes. Plus, your new pets will love how they soothe and moisturize dry pads.

Puppy Care Pack with
Tearless Shampoo 16oz
Waterless Foam Shampoo 8oz
Full Body & Paw Wipes
John Paul Pet • Puppy Package $28.99 ADD TO Cart

This special Grooming Package provides the basic essentials for grooming your pet quickly and conveniently.

Waterless Shampoo - is a thick, mousse-like foam that penetrates, deep cleans and deodorizes while gently soothing skin and brushes out easily when dry.

Oatmeal Conditioning Spray - a leave-in instant conditioner is formulated to revitalize and replenish moisture to the coat and skin. The new Custom Grooming Brush features permanent ball-tipped metal pins on a flexible pad to help smooth tangles, distribute foam shampoo evenly and massage your pet's skin.

This is a terrific selection for cats and kittens ... and for pets that don't like baths.  Also terrific for touching up all pets in between baths.

Waterless Grooming Package with
Waterless Foam Shampoo 8oz
Oatmeal Instant Conditioning Spray 8oz
Full Body & Paw Wipes
John Paul Pet • Waterless Grooming Package $28.99 ADD TO Cart

John Paul Pet by Paul Mitchell Grooming Wipes provide an innovative and technologically advanced plus convenient way to provide complete grooming for your pet.

• John Paul Pet • Grooming WipesCare for your pet's total dental hygiene with Tooth & Gum wipes. Helps fight stains and freshens your pet's breath. So convenient!
Tooth & Gum Wipes   $11.99 ohn Paul Pet •Tooth & Gum Wipes

• This grooming essential is the ultimate in pet hygiene formulated to safely remove eye matter accumulation and remove ear matter buildup. Controls tear stains. Keeps ears fresh and healthy.
Ear & Eye Wipes   $11.99 John Paul Pet • Ear & Eye Wipes

Full Body & Paw Bath Wipes formulated to groom and clean pets after outings and playtime also remove loose hair and dander from the coat. Enriched with Lanolin to clean and moisturize coats and cracked pads, these wipes are perfect for touch-up in between baths. Full Body & Paw Bath Wipes    $11.99
John Paul Pet • Full Body & Paw Bath Wipes



John Paul Pet • Pet Care Products With A Salon PedigreeAs with Paul Mitchell salon products, these pet products use a combination
of all-natural botanical extracts that have been formulated exclusively
for this pet care line. To avoid any irritation, these cruelty-free shampoos
are specifically developed to meet the correct ph levels for dogs and cats.

"We believe in providing only the finest products with nature's ingredients
that are healthy for your pets. John Paul Pet Products are cruelty free and
tested on humans first
 John Paul Pet

John Paul Pet offers the first comprehensive system of Solution based
Shampoos, Conditioners and Pet Wipes specifically formulated to provide
the very BEST and most convenient products for grooming dogs and cats.

MJM Company -West is pleased to present the John Paul Pet Complete Product Line   See More • John Paul Pet Complete Product Line


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