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Micro Fiber Towel
• Dries wet pets fast
• Jumbo Size 30" x 48"
• Super absorbent
• Ultra soft gentle
• Machine washable
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Dry Your Pet With High Velocity and Safe Temps

The Booster Bath transforms dog bathing into a quick and simple task! Designed for use indoors or outdoors.

The Booster Steps with rubber mat and end grips allows easy entry and exit for your pets. It is also great with your vehicle, couch or bed.
Easily bring warm water outside or to an inside location with no adjacent plumbing. Designed to work with your washing machine valves and a garden hose, the Tropic Shower permanently installs in 3 easy steps (washer will operate normally). Simply thread on your garden hose and you're ready to give your pet a warm water bath. It's that easy!
There are too many baths in a dog's life for it to be an ordeal for both of you.

The Booster Bath takes the hassle out of dog baths. OUTSIDE with the Tropic Shower attachment your dog can have a warm water bath anywhere. INSIDE the Booster Bath exit hose takes all of the water down your drain.

The open back allows pets to step right in while the interior surface eliminates all the skidding around in wet soapy water.

Lightweight, compact and portable ... the Booster Bath is ideal for travel and always ready for use inside and outside.

Two Sizes For Small or Large Breeds
Add Warm Water With Trop Shower
Easy Access With Booster Steps

Large Booster Bath  Large Booster Bath .. $149
Overall 45"L x 21 1/4"W x 15"D
Weight capacity maximum – 150 Lbs

Medium Booster Bath Medium Booster Bath . $139
Overall 33 1/2"L x 16 3/4"W x 32"D
Weight capacity maximum – 75 lbs

Tropic Shower Booster Steps- $59.99
For Easy Entry And Exit
at home or away 

Washing your pet indoors or outdoors has never been easier. No more messy cups and buckets. No sloppy shampoo container to fill.

The Rinse Ace Pet Faucet Sprayer is another win-win alternative for making bathing your pet incredibly quick and easy.

Connect the Indoor/Outdoor Pet Sprayer 8’ hose to your faucet, spigot or garden hose. Press grooming sprayer lever to start water flow. Deep, penetrating sprayer jets will thoroughly clean your pet.

The Rinse Ace quickly connects to your existing faucet in the shower or the sink or to your outside spigot.

Design guarantees the dog shower hose will stay put and never blow off. When you’re done dog bathing, just detach dog shower hose and store.

Installation is a snap!
Great for use indoors and outdoors!

Deluxe Pet Shower Sprayer .. $24.99
Connect the 8’ pet shower hose only at bath time. No need to remove the showerhead Water flows only when the sprayer button is pressed.

Extra Connector For
Detachable Hose ..$10.95

White Connector is inculded.  Add another.

Chrome Brass White

Ace Rinse
Sprayers Attach Easily
To Shower Head . To Faucet . To Spigot
For Use Indoors / Outdoors

 Indoor/Outdoor Sprayer .. $24.99
Connect the Indoor/Outdoor Pet Sprayer
8’ hose to your faucet, spigot or garden hose.


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