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Advanced Pet Grooming Products For Detangling

John Paul Pet
             Detangling Spray
Instant Detangling Spray  John Paul Pet

Grooming innovations created by Paul Mitchell for JOHN PAUL PET utilize only the finest ingredients in balanced formulas that deliver professional results.

Keep your pet perfectly well-groomed ... always ... with this no-rinse Instant
Detangling Spray for easy brushing and improved manageabilty.

Instant Detangling Spray By John Paul Pet $11.99 Instant Detangling Spray

Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse With Detangling Formula  John Paul PetJOHN PAUL PET OATMEAL CONDITIONER is the ideal conditioning rinse for all coat types. A super rich conditioner that detangles, restores silkiness and enhances overall manageability. Ideal after all shampoos for a silky, shiny, healthy feel. Takes out mats and difficult tangles.

The JOHN PAUL PET line of high-end products for your pet Oatemal Leave In Conditioner  John Paul Petincludes innovative grooming sprays for use in between grooming sessions. OATMEAL CONDITIONING SPRAY is a leave in conditioner and excellent for ongoing maintenance. It is formulated to revitalize coats and replenish moisture to both skin and coat.

Oatmeal Detangling Formula Conditioning Rinse By John Paul Pet
$10.99 John Paul Pet Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse
Oatmeal Leave In Conditioner By John Paul Pet $10.99 John Paul Pet
Oatmeal Leave In Conditioning Spray

#1 All Systems
            Grooming Sprays

#1 ALL SYSTEMS Moisturizing Coat Protector and Enhancer contains vegetable protein, mink oil and highly refined lanolin oil for moisture. Alleviates dry skin and associated flaking skin and is an ideal daily grooming spray and detangler.

A well-moisturized coat is not only easier to brush out, it's more likely to stay tangle free.

#1 ALL SYSTEMS Fabulous Grooming Spray is formulated from all natural ingredients and contains a lipid layer enhancer that increases the smoothness and moisturization of coats and skin.

This new product conditions and protects the coat plus prevents matting, tangling and static even if hair gets wet after the spray has been applied.

With continued use: texture, volume and gloss steadily improve. A unique conditioning agent has a positive charge that repels dirt's negative charge.

This fabulous new grooming spray by
#1 All Systems is truly state-of-the-art.

The Complete Line of GROOMING SPRAYS for finsihed and tangle-free coats.

Moisturizing Coat Protector & Enhancer By #1 All Systems
 $16.95 #1 All Systems Moisturizing Coat Protector and Enhancer

Fabulous Grooming Spray By #1 All Systems $16.95 #1 All Systems Fabulous Grooming Spray

... learning from the experts and relying upon the science and technology behind today's advanced grooming products ...
means that you can enjoy perfectly groomed pets
while promoting their good health ... mjm

Selecting the correct grooming tool is as important as using advanced grooming products for healthy, tangle-free coats.

#1 ALL SYSTEMS brushes.  Superbly crafted and built Pin Brushes  #1 All Systemsto last.

Pin brushes glide easily through hair and minimize hair loss. The long rust-proof pins, with polished tips for comfort, get all the way through layers of coat to the skin for a completely brushed out and tangle-free coat.

The Complete Line of #1 ALL SYSTEMS Brushes including Pin Brushes and Slickers for the best in grooming tools ... to achieve beautiful and tangle-free coats.

Complete Line of Grooming Tools  #1 All Systems
Proper brush strokes are from the skin, out past the ends of the hair, without flipping the wrist. For longhaired breeds, divide the coat into sections and thoroughly brush out one section at a time before brushing through the entire coat in order to minimize breakage and to eliminate tangles.
Finish a thorough brush-out by combing through the coat to ensure that no tangles were left behind.

Tangles in the coat are an important grooming challenge and eventually form mats that are not only unsightly but unhealthy for your pet.

Metal Combs manufactured by #1 ALL SYSTEMS are carefully crafted with super-smooth finishes that won't wear off.

The Complete Line of #1 ALL SYSTEMS Metal Combs for tangle-free coats and the perfect finish.

Complete Line of Metal Combs  #1 All Systems

The Fabulous De-Matting Comb obliterates mats while minimizing damage to the coat. This new and fabulous comb has two inch long and Fabulous De-Matting Comb  #1 All Systemsvery smooth pins evenly spaced and is constructed from the most durable rust resistant steel.

The handle is brass and nickel and the entire comb is chrome plated. The handle is .5 inches wide and the comb is six inches in length.

The De-Matting Comb helps you divide and conquer the most stubborn tangles and mats ... once and for all.


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