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#1 All Systems
       Advanced Grooming Products

#1 All Systems™ is the trusted name throughout the world for its professional line of Shampoos, Conditioners, Specific Coat Products and finely crafted grooming tools.

With an intelligent range of products #1 ALL SYSTEMS provides reliable responses for every grooming challenge.

Specialized grooming sprays have been developed by
#1 ALL SYSTEMS ™ so that you never have to brush out a dry coat.

#1 ALL SYSTEMS™ grooming sprays protect, enhance, refine.

Finishing Products created by #1  ALL SYSTEMS are technically advanced and truly state-of-the-art.

Your pet will never have a bad hair day again ... your show dog will show off with the finished look!

#1 All Systems
      For The Finished Look

Get It Straight
Hair dressing treatment that
Tames Shines Texturizes

Smoothes out even the most unruly coats. Made from coat enhancing protein and silk amino acids. Concentrated so that very little achieves a lot of style. Created by

#1 All Systems - Get It Straight $9.95

Invisible Hold & Styling Gel
Lightweight and freshly scented, this setting & styling gel blocks the effects of humidity and dryness to hold shape and style without being visible to the eye, hand or brush!

Weightless and can be used every day without build-up.

#1 All Systems - Invisible Hold & Styling Gel $12.95

Fabulous Grooming Spray
Detangle ... Texture Gloss ... Repel Dirt

Advanced lipid layer enhancer increases smoothness and moisturizes coat and skin.

This new product conditions and protects PLUS prevents matting, tangling and static even if hair gets wet after the spray has been applied.

With continued use texture, volume and gloss steadily improve. One unique conditioning agent has a positive charge to repel dirt which has a negative charge. Formulated with all natural products. Will not buildup, will not get brittle. A simply FABULOUS daily grooming spray.

Because you should never brush out a dry coat ... FABULOUS GROOMING SPRAY

#1 All Systems - Fabulous Grooming Spray $16.95

Moisturizing Coat Protector Enhancer
Extra Shine ... Moisturize ... Protect

This must-have product is weightless and will never buildup.

Contains complex vegetable protein, mink oil and highly refined lanolin oil for moisture. Alleviates dry skin and associated flaking.

Terrific for controlling mats and de-matting. Also for breaking down lacquer, hair spray, setting gel, lotions and chalk.

Exceptional daily grooming spray.
Because you should never brush out a dry coat ... MOISTURIZING PROTECTOR ENHANCER

#1 All Systems - Moisturizing Coat Protector & Enhancer $16.95

3-D Volumizing Coat Spray
Twice The Volume ... Twice The Thickness

The more you use ...
the bigger the volume, the thicker the coat.

Never greasy, sticky or stiff and no build-up. Renew by misting with water and restyling.

Can be used for overall body, volume and texture or just at the roots to lift the coat.

After use, you can brush through the coat without damage.

Formulated with all natural products.
Will not buildup, will not get brittle.

#1 All Systems - 3D Volumizing Coat Spray $16.95
Hair Re-Vitalizer, Texturizer Instant Anti-Static Coat Spray

A light, ready-to-use, oil-free finishing spray and texturizer. Highlights natural color and puts "SNAP" into the coat. Spray on a "Ring Ready" coat to cut static instantly and hold style in place.

#1 All Systems - Anti-Static Coat Spray $14.95

Super Whitening Gel
Technologically advanced with
state-of-the-art enzymes and conditioners.

This is a clear gel that safely removes tear and urine stains.
The most effective and most convenient to use.

#1 All Systems - Super Whitening Gel $12.95



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