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Grooming Tip • Control Air Flow For Smooth Coats • Metro Air Force Commander Pet Dryer
Metro Air Force® Commander®

A compact dryer that saves you time, saves you work and leaves dogs looking beautiful.

No other compact dryer combines features such as air flow, concentrator controls, air flare tool and much more.

Grooming Tip • Touch Up With Pre-Moistened Grooming Wipes
Grooming Wipes

Grooming Tip • Never Brush A Dry Coat • Advanced Grooming Sprays
Must Have
Grooming Sprays

Grooming Tip • When A Bath Is Not Possible • Waterless Foam Shampoo by Paul Mitchell for John Paul Pet
Grooming Foam

Grooming Tip • Maintain and Protect With Leave In Conditioner  by Paul Mitchell for John Paul Pet
Leave In

Complete Line of Grooming Products by Paul Mitchell for John Paul Pet • Luxury Pet Grooming Products
Salon Quality Products
For Your Pet

Grooming Tip • Control Stains and Odor With No Rinse Shampoo
No Rinse

Grooming Tip • Brighten Colors and Remove Stains with a Whitening Shampoo

Grooming Tip • For Light-Colored Coats Use a Specific Whitening Shampoo
White Lightening

Grooming Tip  • Use a Super Gentle Shampoo that Rinses Without Leaving Residues • For Sensitive Skin • Pets With Allergies • For Puppies and Kittens
Super Cleaning

Grooming Tip • Specific Conditioners Solve Specific Grooming Problems

Grooming Tip • Products Containing Tea Tree Oil Soothe Irritations and Repel Insects
Tea Tree Oil

Grooming Tip • Instant Detangling Spray Will Control Mats and Tangles

NEW #1 All Systems
Got Hair Action

Grooming Tip • Products Featured Here Are For Cats Too • SEE More Cat Grooming Products
Just For Cats

Shaving the coat ... may seem like a solution but is not a good idea. A dog's coat is insulation which protects against both cold and heat. Shaving the coat also exposes a dog's skin to sunburn! For short Haircuts ... using a clipper with a snap on comb attachment is a good idea. Cutting just the top coat and not the undercoat leaves nature's protection against sun and heat and delivers manageable style.

Grooming Tip: Not cutting beyond the undercoat of a double coated dog results in a better chance of having the coat grow back normally.

Using a clipper, selecting the correct blade and using snap-on comb attachments plus learning how to do basic haircuts are demonstrated in detail in the best-selling Haircuts video "Grooming Your Dog BASIC HAIRCUTS" now in DVD

Dog Grooming Video • Featuring Haircuts and Pet Clips"If you want to learn how to groom your dog, this is the video for you!..."

"Awesome ... first-rate"

"Excellent, highly recommended."

All of the essential grooming procedures for your dog's health and well being are clearly presented for more info about this best-selling dog grooming video:

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for info about this best-selling dog grooming video ...

Comb Attachments are a helpful accessory for clippers and a must-have for novices. These snap on combs control the depth of the cut allowing you to cut hair to a uniform length.

Designed to fit almost all professional clippers, they are easy to use: simply attach the comb to the base of the blade and pull up to secure. For a good finish, use a #40 clipper blade with snap-on combs.

Grooming Tip:  Brush hair back against the grain and then clip in the direction of hair growth.
Grooming Tip • Snap On Comb Attachments • Control Length of the CutSnap On Combs come in various sizes that correspond to the desired length of the cut.  For a good finish,
use a #40 clipper blade with snap-on combs.
Grooming Tip • Protective Coating Must Be Removed From Most Blades • Select The Highest Quality Blades For Lasting Performance
Clipper Blades Constructed from high-carbon steel with a protective coating.

Grooming Tip • The Best Known and Probably the Best Quality Clipper is the Oster Clipper

Oster Turbo A5 Clippers. Cool running, "do-it-all" clippers with a versatile #10 blade. Also available with #40 blade that you need for use with snap-on combs.

Ear Hair and Ear Hygiene
Excessive ear hair that grows in the ear canal must be removed on a regular basis because it traps moisture which can lead to irritations and infections.

This hair is plucked or pulled from the ear.

Grooming Tips:
Pulling a few hairs at a time is less painful and prevents trauma to the ear.

The ear hair should be coated with a special powder that makes the hair easier to grip. Gimborn R7 Ear Powder is a good choice.

Please don't dump a lot of powder into you dog's ear!

A small amount of powder applied to the hair you wish to pluck is all that is necessary to get the job done.

Another aid is a #1 All Systems product that reduces ear problems and ear odor with a superior botanical formula that is safe and effective ...

#1 All Systems Ear Wash

Clipper Basics
Clip in the direction of hair growth. Don't dig in or push but let the clippers do the work. Use short, overlapping strokes to avoid clipper marks in the coat.

When selecting blades for your clipper, remember that the smaller the number of the blade, the longer it will leave the hair.

Enhance the life of your grooming tools and keep clippers safe and sanitary with these products. Choose from formulas to clean, lubricate and cool all types of clippers and blades.

Clipper and Blade Grooming Tip • Maintain Your Clippers To Keep Them Safe and Sanitary
Maintenance by Oster

Protect your investment by using these genuine Oster products to clean, cool, lubricate your clippers and blades.

Note:  Read the manual
Blades from some manufacturers are sold with a protective (invisible) coating that must be removed before first use. Directions come with your new clipper.
Brushing Basics
Grooming Tip • Learn About Usaing Proper Brushes and Correct Brush Strokes for Grooming Your Breed
Brushing removes dead hair from the coat before it mats and stimulates the skin. Using the proper brush stroke is very important and productive.

For all dogs, make sure to brush from the skin out past the ends of the hair without flipping your wrist.

For longhaired breeds, divide the coat into small sections and brush from the skin outward, working from head to tail, section by section.

Light misting with a grooming spray lets the brush move smoothly through the coat and helps keep the longer outer coat from breaking.

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for more important products for brushing out coats

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#1 All Systems • Dog & Cat Grooming Products •  Brushes and Combs
If you don't use a clipper because you prefer to have your dog show off his beautiful coat, you should know about the basics of caring for that long coat --

Especially how to bathe, condition, blow dry and brush to minimize damage, mats and tangles.

These techniques are demonstrated in beautiful detail in the Grooming Basics Video.

Dog Grooming Video • For Longhaired BreedsThis is an excellent resource for owners of longhaired breeds.

It is the must- have for elegant Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkies, Lhasa's, Silkies and similar longhaired breeds

Also on this tape ... a terrific segment on doing the top knot.

 Here's more info about this highly acclaimed dog grooming video ...

We respond to thousands of inquiries every year and
the focus of concern always centers on these topics:

#1 All Systems ™ the trusted name in coat care throughout the world and John Paul Pet from Paul Mitchell ™ the largest single-line hair care company in the world have carefully created advanced products that respond  to these and every other grooming challenge.


Stained coats certainly ruin your pet's appearance and some stains, especially those found beneath the eyes and around the mouth can be dangerous and unhealthy.

Reddish-brown stains on the face result from the hair constantly being damp or wet. This is the ideal environment for bacteria and a common yeast infection called Ptyrosporin (Red Yeast). The skin beneath stained coat is often swollen and irritated.

Keeping hair out of the eyes and paying close attention to removing the matter that forms in the corners of the eye are mandatory grooming routines. The primary goal is to keep your pet's face clean and dry to avoid Red Yeast infections and the resulting stains.

These grooming aids are essentials for preventing and controlling stains:
Keep faces, feet and coats clean and healthy with SELF RINSE SHAMPOO by #1 All Systems. This conditioning shampoo does not need rinsing out and will clean and deodorize in one step.

by John Paul Pet
Safely remove bacteria and build up around eyes and ears to protect against infection, stains, odor. As with Paul Mitchell salon products, this pet grooming product is pH balanced and uses a combination of all-natural botanical extracts formulated exclusively for this pet care line.



Dull coats can signal poor health or diet deficiencies. For complete nutrition and supplements SEE
Vital Energy™.

Just as often, dull coats happen over time and are a grooming problem. Grooming products that soften the coat and contain perfumes and heavy scents build up causing damage and breakage. Manufacturers of these products recommend using a clarifying shampoo frequently to strip the hair and remove product buildup and minerals that dull the coat and damage the hair.

WHITENING & BRIGHTENING SHAMPOO by #1 All Systems will not strip/damage the hair and will safely remove buildup as well as tough stains. Optical brighteners enhance natural color and this professional shampoo is safe for all coat colors.

by #1 All Systems removes stains and brightens with advanced enzymes. Created for whites, creams, pale golds and light silvers. Hair strengtheners and conditioners have been added.

by #1 All Systems safely removes stains from tears, urine and food. This is an easy to use clear gel that conditions and strengthens hair making it more resistant to future staining. Maximum stain removing action takes approximately 15 minutes.


Mats and tangles are best prevented before they get serious, just as with stains. Using the proper brush and the correct brush stroke leads to success.

#1 All Systems brushes and combs are finely crafted professional grooming tools that deliver performance and are built to last. For long, silky or fragile coats select a pin brush with a white pad. For coarse, heavy or double coats select a pin brush with a black pad.

Follow a thorough brushing with a comb through. The best combs available are by #1 All Systems. The Fabulous De-Matting comb is the last de-matting tool you'll ever buy!

Clean coats are less likely to form tangles and mats, as well coats that are well moisturized and conditioned. Advanced grooming products put you ahead and Paul Mitchell has created specific products for pets that will moisturize, nourish and detangle.

John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo or Moisturizing Shampoo are excellent and this rich Oatmeal Conditioner has a detangling formula.

For every day grooming and continual protection, Detangling Spray by John Paul Pet is ideal.



Allergies and Sensitive Skin are soothed by using pH balanced grooming products.

Unlike products by other manufactures that are based upon scent rather than functionality, products created
by #1 All Systems and Paul Mitchell 's John Paul Pet are meticulously formulated to be gentle and non-irritating.

#1 All Systems is a specifically formulated shampoo that is rich in conditioners.

It cleanses thoroughly without stripping or softening the coat and rinses residue free. It is gentle enough to be used every day.

Safe for even the most sensitive skin and coats. Safe for puppies, lactating bitches and kittens.

Products containing Tea Tree Oil are wonderful for soothing irritations when they do occur.

The properties of this all-natural product serve to protect skin and coats and are a natural deterrent to fleas and other biting insects that set up chain reactions of irritation and allergic sensitivities.

Both the #1 All Systems and
John Paul Pet manufacturers have excellent Tea Tree Products.

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