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Grooming Your Dog BASIC HAIRCUTS

Grooming your dog just became easier, more convenient and more economical!  You don't have to be skilled in all the techniques used by professional groomers in order to have your dog perfectly groomed with an attractive haircut. Bring grooming, the haircuts and the training down to BASICS, and you can be grooming your own dog ... It's just that simple!

Grooming Your Dog  Basic Haircuts This is a practical guide to BASIC GROOMING for your dog. All of the essential grooming procedures that contribute to your dog's health and well being are clearly presented. The BASIC HAIRCUTS are simple, basic pet clips that can be adapted for each breed and that the average pet owner can master. Important elements of BASIC TRAINING for your dog are demonstrated throughout because correct and consistent handling are necessary for grooming to be pleasant and rewarding for you and your dog, as it should be.

 If you do all of your own grooming, this is the only grooming instruction you will ever need to have a perfectly groomed dog.

If you use a professional groomer and your dog is accustomed to being groomed properly at home, his experience at the groomer's will be a more pleasant event and certainly one that is less traumatic.

This enjoyable and upbeat program is presented by Ena Lane and Susie Ward. Ena is a world class breeder and exhibitor with over twenty-five years' experience with purebred dogs. Susie is a highly regarded professional groomer and lecturer with forty-five years'experience in show and pet grooming.

Grooming Your Dog BASICS HAIRCUTS is the most complete and practical grooming guide available for every dog owner. When an expert shows you how to simplify grooming, haircuts and training ... you can be grooming your own dog. Available now in DVD.

"An excellent program presented with a friendly, effective style. This is a thorough and practical dog grooming video for learning how to do pet clips and grooming at home ... Everything is clearly explained so that any pet owner can follow along to achieve professional looking results."

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"Glorious coats...they're sure beautiful at the end of a lead in the show ring. They're also beautiful at the end of a leash in the park..." Gina Spadafori     GROOMING BASICS are important for every dog,
show or pet, and here is the video that will teach every owner how to
Show Off Your Dog!

Featured in this presentation of proven grooming methods is
Show Off Your Dog   Grooming BasicsLane the internationally renowned breeder and exhibitor. She is the breeder of BIS BISS Intl World CH  Show Off's Humor Me who is also featured. This spectacular international champion was selected Best of Breed at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Show in 1998 and 1999, #1 USA Shih Tzu in 1998 and was Best in Show at the World Dog Show in Mexico City 1999.

This video is a detailed presentation of proven and fundamental grooming methods...the

It is a simple to follow, a step-by-step guide to grooming your dog. While most applicable for longhaired breeds and for fanciers who want to learn about keeping dogs in long coat, this instruction shows how to achieve that certain "finished look" for all dogs.

It is fascinating to observe the grooming procedures involved in presenting a Westminster Best of Breed winner and Best in Show Champion. Along the way, you learn the secrets, all of the Basics
and how to apply these techniques while grooming your own dog.

This video is an essential for those who wish to keep their coated breed in full coat and for maintaining show coats.

"...Show Off Your Dog ... is a must. The video, produced by MJM /A.R.T. Productions, helps owners achieve a finished look for all dogs. It covers basics that apply to any breed such as brushing, bathing and drying and techniques longhaired dog owners won't want to miss ... As the narrator notes, 'The perfectly groomed dog is an inspiration and a pleasure to see'."   
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