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             Advanced Whitening Products

Advanced Grooming Products For Whitening & Brightening

Stained coats ruin your pet's appearance and cannot be tolerated for show dogs and cats. Dull and lifeless-looking coats happen over time. Both are serious grooming problems.

Grooming products that soften the coat and contain perfumes and heavy scents build up on the coat causing damage and dullness.

#1 All Systems products are state-of-the-art utilizing advanced technology for grooming products that enhance coats and deliver results.

These Whitening Products have no peroxide, blueing, alcohol, oil or silicone.

#1 All Systems
            Shampoos and Whitening Gel

Professional Whitening & Brightening Shampoo  #1 All Sysemsby #1 All Systems will not strip/damage the hair and will safely remove buildup as well as tough stains.

Optical brighteners enhance natural color and this professional shampoo is safe for all coat colors. Product Details  Add To Cart

Pure White Lightening Shampoo  #1 All Systems
by #1 All Systems removes stains and brightens with advanced enzymes.

Created for whites, creams, pale golds and light silvers. Hair strengtheners and conditioners have been added.
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Super Whitening Gel  #1 All Systemsby #1 All Systems safely removes stains from tearing, urine and food.

This is an easy to use clear gel that conditions and strengthens hair making it more resistant to future staining. Maximum stain removing action takes approximately 15 minutes.
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Whitening Products Are For Cats Too

Staining found beneath the eyes and around the mouth is unhealthy and can be dangerous.

Reddish-brown stains on the face result from the hair constantly being damp or wet. This is the ideal environment for bacteria and a common yeast infection called Ptyrosporin (Red Yeast).

Advanced pet grooming products contain enzymes that work on these stains and optical brighteners that improve appearance.

The primary goal is to keep your pet's face clean and dry to avoid Red Yeast infections and the resulting stains.

This is BASIC:  Keep faces dry.
Your pet will instinctively drink from a water bottle and this wins more than half of the battle!

Keeping hair out of the eyes and paying close attention to removing the matter that forms in the corners of the eye are mandatory grooming routines.  

Keep faces, feet and coats clean and healthy with
SELF RINSE SHAMPOO by #1 All Systems. This specific conditioning shampoo does not need rinsing out and will clean and deodorize in one step.
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John Paul Pet safely remove bacteria and build up around eyes and ears to protect against infection, stains, odor.

As with Paul Mitchell salon products ... this pet grooming product is pH balanced and uses a combination of all-natural botanical extracts formulated exclusively for this pet care line. Product Details Add To Cart

Blow-drying and fluffing the hair after cleaning is a very beneficial daily grooming regimen. This  prevents stains and promotes the growth of clean, healthy faces and coat. Train your dog or cat to accept this grooming procedure.

It is important to use a low heat setting and low velocity. Don't aim air flow directly into pet's eyes.

ANDIS QUIETAIRE PET DRYER is an excellent grooming tool with the advantage of low heat settings and quiet operation that will not startle pets. Plus all the efficiency and ease of hands-free grooming. Product Details  Add To Cart

For maintenance, it helps to to brush a small amount of corn starch onto the hair beneath the eyes and then comb out. Use a small makeup brush and DO NOT get any powder up the nose or in the eyes. This natural product helps keep hair beneath the eyes dry ... whitens a little too!

To safely deliver and control grooming MJM Applicator Bottleproducts close to your pet's eyes, an
applicator bottle with an extra fine tip is very helpful. Always point little noses up and and aim the applicator tip pointing down. Use your thumb to carefully and gently rub downward to work in products.
Add To Cart $3.95 Applicator Bottle

Use an applicator brush to get close with more control.
Add To Cart $4.95 Applicator Brush

This is BASIC:
Keep faces dry

Wet faces, wet whiskers, face falls and beards
are breeding grounds for the bacteria and the fungus
that create stains.

Your pet will instinctively drink from
a water bottle and this
wins more than half of the battle
for dry, healthy, unstained faces!

Great Looking and Functional  The Must-Have Water Bottle Stand

The must-have water bottle!

Dog and cat owners LOVE this drinking system that is clean, safe, and proven.

Keeps whiskers, beards and faces dry to prevent the bacteria and fungus that lead to stains.

Eliminates the need for a dirty, messy water bowl entirely. Sturdy design prevents tipping, is spill-proof, and dishwasher safe.

Select 16 ounce or 32 ounce bottle for small to medium size pets.

Height for bottle placement can be adjusted. The bottom hole height is approximately 6" from floor. The top hole is 8" high.

Clear acrylic... minimalist design
Simple, functional ... easy to clean
Portable ... take it along anywhere
Sturdy, solid construction
Attractive in any room

Oasis Water Bottle Oasis water bottle with nozzle is tried and tested as one of the top performers in water bottles for small animals.

Water bottle is held in place withCustom Bungee Cord small bungee cord. This bungee is sized to secure a 16 or 32 ounce bottle to the stand.

Patents #D-364 #943 #D-378706

"Our breeder told us to use a water bottle for our Shih Tzu, so we had one since day one.

But, what a hassle. Tried hooking the bottle up to her crate, tried hanging it from the wall. Nothing worked until we found this water bottle and stand. It is fabulous!

We bought two, one for the kitchen and one for upstairs. Really great looking and no more hassle. Thank you!"
  Karen Delgado

Your pet will love this new way of drinking fresh clean water. You'll love clean, dry faces that stay stain free.

Stand With 16oz Bottle  Add To Cart 16oz $59.95

Stand With 32oz Bottle  Add To Cart 32oz $65.95



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