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Got Hair Action

The Stone Guide to Dog Grooming for All Breeds
Grooming Book With Great Detail

"As a pet owner I have been searching for a complete dog grooming book for the average person to understand and I have found it in this book ... The Stone Guide is precise and descriptive... highly recommended for everyone, beginners and beyond."
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State-Of-The Art
Grooming Products
By #1 All Systems

Pre-Moistened Grooming Wipes

Grooming Wipes

By Paul Mitchell

Pre-Moistened Waterless Foam Shampoo by Paul Mitchell for John Paul Pet

Grooming Foam
By Paul Mitchell

John Paul Pet Grooming Packs
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Salon Quality Products
For Your Pet
By Paul Mitchell

Quick access to warm water has never been easier!

The Tropic Shower

Designed to work with your washing machine valves and garden hose. This kit installs in 3 easy steps (washer will operate normally).

Simply thread on your garden hose and you're ready to go! It's that easy!

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Never Brush
A Dry Coat

#1 All Systems has created specialized grooming sprays ...to protect, detangle, moisturize and add volume

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MOISTURIZING COAT PROTECTOR & ENHANCER adds extra shine and is terrific for dematting. Alleviates dry coat and associated flaking skin. An ideal daily grooming spray.

FABULOUS GROOMING SPRAY A lipid layer enhancer increases the smoothness and moisturization of coats and skin. Conditions, protects, repels dirt. Prevents matting, tangling and static. With continued use texture, volume and gloss steadily improve.

Twice The Thickness

Spray a little or a lot. The more you use, the bigger the volume, the thicker the coat. No greasy, sticky or stiff and build-up. Can be used for overall body, volume and texture or just at the roots to lift the coat.

Show Off's Turbulent Flight

Grooming is not just an option when it comes to the health and well-being of your pet

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Intl Ch Show Off's Humor Me
Dog Grooming Products - Cat Grooming Products - For Show and Pets
The Dog Grooming Videos
Dog Grooming Books

Grooming is a most important bonding time. It is not just an option when it comes to providing your dog with the best care. These best-selling videos show you how to groom your dog at home and show you how to ensure that this time spent together is enjoyable for both of you.

After all, there are too many baths ... and haircuts ... and grooming sessions in a dog's life for these to be unpleasant experiences!

Two thumbs up!
"From start to finish, this is an outstanding program. Very well done, exceptional!
Dog Grooming Video Featuring Haircuts and Pet Clips
Wonderful Video!
If you want to learn how to groom your dog this video is for you!

Excellent ... highly recommended
All of the essential grooming procedures for your dog's health and well being are clearly presented ..."
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"Basic Haircuts".


Great Video!
"Going to watch every minute again, and again ...
I can "show off" my little dog and I am thrilled about that ... I am proud of her and myself too!
Dog Grooming Video For Longhaired Breeds
 Super, topnotch!  Definitely worth it and worthwhile. I loved this video and thought it was full of valuable and useful information. Thank you, Ena Lane, for sharing your secrets.  This is a must have video ... quite simply, the best of its kind ever done."  Read more about
"Grooming Basics".


Tricks of the Trade:
From Best Intentions to Best in Show

Tricks of the Trade: 		From Best Intentions to Best in Show  "... If you only read one dog book this year, make it this book! It is well worth ... reading several times ... breeding, evaluating, rearing, conditioning, nutrition, grooming, care and presentation"
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Dog Grooming Clippers
and Hands Free Dryers

Oster Golden A-5 Clippers
This powerful, cool-running clipper is the most advanced, animal clipper anywhere!

Oster Golden A5 Clippers Great for horses, too. Blades can easily be snapped off and a new blade put in place.

Easy to use, compact and quiet, the Oster Golden A5 is offered at an affordable price. This durable clipper is safe, dependable and will give you years of trouble-free use.

Now multiple improvements that dramatically reduce noise and heat Oster has updated the A5 Series

Oster Turbo and Golden A5 Clippers
Oster Golden A5 Clippers

Cool running, "do-it-all" clippers with a versatile #10 Blade. 45 watts of power allow you to perform quick, accurate work.

Andis AGC 2-Speed Heavy Duty Andis AGC Heavy Duty ClipperClipper Low speed for everyday use and high speed is 25% faster to cut heavy coats.

Sealed motor is cool and quiet and doesn't need an air vent. Blades detach for easy changing /cleaning.

Andis AGC Heavy Duty ClipperLocking hinge keeps blades secure. This dual-speed clipper handles heavy coats.
Includes #10 blade  
Andis AGC 2-Speed
Heavy Duty Clipper

Pocket Trimmer

Designed for trims and touch ups. Great for around the face and ears.

Comes with a #30 blade, medium and long cut attachments.

Compact battery powered clipper fits in the palm of your hand.

The Booster Bath ®
Imagine taking the hassle out of bath time

*Elevation *Containment *Drainage
The Booster Bath weighs less than 23 pounds, making it good for road trips, but it is strong enough to support even the beefiest Mastiff.

The tub basin rests on a pedestal, which has rubber grips to keep it stationary, and is set at a good height so you won't break your back bending over.

This terrific grooming resource allows access from all sides for bathing, drying and grooming.

The open back allows pets to step right in while the thick bath mat eliminates all the skidding around in wet soapy water. Perfect for the family dog or professional dog show enthusiasts.

Andis ® QuietAire Dryer with Stand
Imagine having both hands free to dry your pet !
This is the better choice than using your own appliance that has temperature settings that are too hot for pets' sensitive skin ... plus having both hands free to get the job done well and efficiently.

Andis Pet Dryer - Quiet and For Hands Free Grooming
This 1875 watt dryer is designed with twin fans and unique noise reduction channels so it won't startle pets or make them nervous.

Three levels of powerful, cool airflow dry coats without burning pets' sensitive skin or causing them to overheat. Includes a rotating stand for hands-free convenience.

A 9-foot cord provides added
flexibility and mobility.


Professional Grooming Table
Imagine taking some hassle out of grooming


Are built to offer years
of dependable service

A grooming table is must-have
grooming resource for performing all essential grooming procedures both comfortably and efficiently ... for you and your dog.

The non-skid, sturdy surface is a definite plus.


Brushing Is The Foundation of Grooming
The correct brush is essential

#1 ALL SYSTEMS is synonymous with craftsmanship and quality.
#1 ALL SYSTEMS brushes and slickers are State-of-the-Art
Dog Grooming Tools - Cat Grooming Tools
Rust proof pins are set in a supple rubber base. These finest quality
Pin Brushes are constructed to prevent stretching and breaking the hair. Slickers are designed to thoroughly brush the most fragile coats. The soft cushions and flexible pin construction make brushing comfortable for your dog .. you'll love the results.

State-of-the-Art Brushes For Grooming

PAUL MITCHELL - John Paul Pet ®
Animal friendly pet grooming products from Paul Mitchell ...

As with Paul Mitchell salon products, these luxury pet products are perfected with a combination of all-natural botanical extracts.

The intelligent product line includes Shampoos, Conditioners, Leave-In Conditioning Sprays and innovation Grooming Wipes.

JOHN PAUL PET animal friendly products are precisely formulated to the correct ph levels for dogs and cats with the same care, highest quality ingredients and expertise that have distinguished Paul Mitchell salon products and earned international renown and acclaim
 About John Paul Pet ...  


#1 All Systems Grooming Products

#1 All Systems - Dog & Cat Grooming Products

Effective, affordable, state-of-the-art hair care technology places #1 ALL SYSTEMS at the forefront in the creation of grooming products for dogs and cats.

#1 All Systems is the trusted name throughout the world for its professional line of Shampoos, Conditioners, Specific Coat Products and Finishing Products, carefully crafted brushes and combs and cutting edge nutritional supplements.
With an intelligent range of products #1 ALL SYSTEMS provides reliable responses for every grooming challenge.





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