" A grooming video that is quite simply
the best of its kind ever done ...
This video is a must."
ShowSight Magazine

This highly acclaimed video features breeder and exhibitor Ena Lane who demonstrates the correct procedures and all of the proven techniques for grooming longhaired breeds.

If you plan to show your dog or have chosen to keep your longhaired dog in full coat, this is a must-have video for you. Now available in DVD.


Ena Lane renowned breeder and exhibitor of champion Shih Tzu is featured in this beautifully detailed presentation of proven grooming methods ... the BASICS.

Show Off Your Dog

is a delightful presentation that is not only a valuable grooming resource but fascinating to watch. A world class exhibitor transforms her own dog into looking spectacular .. He is International and
World Champion
Ch. Show Off's Humor Me


Learn essential techniques perfected over a lifetime
to care for and maintain long coats and to achieve a perfectly groomed and elegant finish.

  • Proper BRUSHING Methods

  • Correct BATHING Procedure

  • Safe BLOW DRYING Technique

  • Finish With IRONING The Coat

  • The TOP KNOT

Best of all, this DVD will show you how to make grooming a pleasant experience for both you and your dog.

For those willing to put the time and effort into grooming their dogs to look as beautiful and polished as a show dog, this program will teach you how to obtain that most rewarding objective.

The stunningly beautiful longhaired breeds are more popular than ever.

This DVD demonstrates how to keep them groomed for the look they were bred to have.

"Ena Lane of Show Off Shih Tzu fame has come out with a grooming video that is quite simply the best of its kind ever done.

Ena has spent a zillion hours perfecting her methods; her easy way of explaining how things should be done covers all the basics and the secrets.  This video is a must..."

"Super, topnotch! Definitely worth it and worthwhile. I loved this video and thought it was full of valuable and useful information. Thank you, Ena Lane, for sharing your secrets."

Joe C. Walton
AKC Multi Group Judge
American Shih Tzu Club President

"Pet owner and show person alike will find this video worthwhile and very informative."

Martha M. Olmos-Ollivier
AKC Multi Group Judge

"This video provides excellent instruction
for both the novice and the expert."

Virginia Parker Guidry
"...Show Off Your Dog hosted by Ena Lane
is a must. The sixty minutevideo, produced by MJM /A.R.T. Productions, helps owners achieve a finished look for all dogs.

It covers basics that apply to any breed such as brushing, bathing and drying and techniques longhaired dog owners won't want to miss: a step-by-step demonstration of doing the top knot and brushing a long coat.

"Show Off Your Dog GROOMING BASICS" is an outstanding dog grooming video that covers the basics for grooming your dog at home, it does not demonstrate pet clips.

If you are interested in haircuts for dogs, you should select "Grooming Your Dog BASIC HAIRCUTS" also by MJM /A.R.T. Productions.

Show Off Your Dog GROOMING BASICS is not just for show dogs.  It is for everyone who wishes to learn proven techniques for grooming and maintaining dogs in full coat.  Most appropriate for longhaired, drop-coated breeds such as Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire and Silky Terriers, Lhasa Apso, etc., this detailed program offers expert guidance and in-depth instruction.

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How To ...
Groom your dog for a finished look. Grooming Basics ... the fundamentals of grooming that are the same for all dogs must be refined and defined for the special needs of the coated breeds.

Learn how to shampoo your dog without creating tangles ... brush the coat properly without causing damage or breakage ... blow dry thoroughly without drying out and ruining the coat

Learn how to achieve a smooth and beautiful finish adding length and a polished texture that lasts by using an iron correctly ... shave the muzzle ... maintain and keep the face white ... how to do top knots for maintenance ... how to keep bows on ... how to do a stunning top knot for show ... and more!


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