Dog Grooming ... BASICS
Once you learn the Basics, the rest is simple
... and you can be grooming your own dog

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These are ... THE BASICS


Grooming your dog just became easier... 
more convenient ...
more economical ...
more polished ...

The production team for the
critically acclaimed best selling video Show Off Your Dog

has released a new title:

Grooming Your Dog

a step-by-step guide to
BASIC GROOMING for your dog,
BASIC TRAINING for grooming your dog and all the BASIC HAIRCUTS

You don't have to be skilled in the techniques used by professional handlers and professional groomers in order to have your dog perfectly groomed.  Bring the grooming and the haircuts down to BASICS and you can be grooming your own dog ... and when an expert demonstrates proven techniques and the secrets for success, you can learn how to "Show Off Your Dog".

Groom your dog at home. Simple haircuts for any breed. Learn the Basics ... about clippers ... what number blade to use ... results with clip-on attachments ... about using scissors for a custom look ...about the bath ... how to do it right ... about grooming arms ... when and how to use them ... about handling the infirm and older pet ... about making your dog beautiful ... spiff up the whiskers ... trim the feet and eyebrows and beards or do a top knot ... trim the pads ... keep those nails healthy and short ... get the hair out of the ears ... and, more, more, more!

The Video ... Grooming Your Dog

65 Minutes Running Time      ©2001-2009         All Rights Reserved

This is an efficient guide to BASIC GROOMING for your dog.
The BASIC HAIRCUTS are simple, basic pet clips that can be adapted for each breed and that the average pet owner can master. Important elements of BASIC TRAINING  for your dog are demonstrated throughout.  Correct handling and conditioning are necessary for grooming to be pleasant and rewarding for both of you, as it should be.

If you have a dog, your dog must have basic grooming.
If you have a longhaired dog, your dog must have haircuts.

When an expert shows you how to
bring grooming, haircuts and training
down to the BASICS,
you can be grooming your own dog.

"This is an excellent and practical dog grooming video for learning how to do pet clips and grooming at home. A simplified basic pet haircut that can be adapted to look good on a variety of breeds is presented from start to finish.

Everything is clearly explained so that any pet owner can follow along and achieve professional looking results."

  • Spaniel Cut
  • Puppy Cut
  • Poodle Clip
  • Terrier Clip
  • Utility Cut

  • Trim whiskers eyebrows and feet
  • Trim pads of the feet
  • Pluck ears
  • Cut the toenails
Grooming Your Dog

Learn simple, basic haircuts that the average pet owner can master -- plus -- the essential grooming procedures necessary for your dog's health and well being

Show Off Your Dog
Learn the techniques perfected over a lifetime to care for and maintain long coats -- and achieve a perfectly groomed and elegant finish.

Groom your dog and achieve a finished look. Grooming Basics ... the fundamentals of grooming that are the same for all dogs must be refined and defined for the special needs of the coated breeds.  Learn how to shampoo your dog without creating tangles ... brush the coat properly without causing damage or breakage ... blow dry thoroughly without drying out and ruining the coat ... use an iron for a smooth and beautiful finish adding length and a polished texture that lasts ... shave the muzzle ... maintain and keep the face white ... how to do top knots for maintenance ... how to keep bows on ... how to do a stunning top knot for show ...

The Video ... Show Off Your Dog

65 Minutes Running Time      ©1997-2009          All Rights Reserved

This detailed guide to essential grooming techniques and fundamentals features Ena Lane the well known exhibitor
of "Show Off" Shih Tzu renown.  Simple to follow, this step-by-step guide to grooming your dog demonstrates how to master the secrets and techniques perfected over a lifetime that, while most applicable to grooming dogs that require diligent coat care, are essential for achieving a finished look for all dogs, whatever breed.

Both interesting and entertaining, this is the highly acclaimed, must-have video for those who have longhaired dogs.   The BASICS are demonstrated most effectively in this exceptional video that presents valuable instruction for all pet owners and serious fanciers alike.

"... 'Show Off Your Dog' ... is a must. The video ... helps owners achieve a finished look for all dogs. It covers basics that apply to any breed such as brushing, bathing and drying and techniques longhaired dog owners won't want to miss ...
As the narrator notes, 'The perfectly groomed dog is an inspiration and a pleasure to see'."
       DOG FANCY Magazine

  • Correctly shampoo condition and maintain the coat
  • Proper techniques for brushing and combing the coat
  • Correct methods for blow drying
  • Ironing the coat for a smooth finish
  • Preventing stains and maintaining the face fall
  • Top Knots
    for everyday
    and for show


Dog Grooming ... BASICS

Once you learn the Basics, the rest is simple
... and you can be grooming your own dog

Wonderful! Two thumbs up!
"From start to finish, this is an outstanding video. My wife and I give "Grooming Your Dog" an enthusiastic "two thumbs up!". We enjoyed it immensely and most certainly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn about grooming his or her dog at home ... As for the haircuts ... Just as stated in the description - simplified and basic ... Very well done, exceptional!" Framingham, MA

An excellent program ... with a friendly, effective style ...
"Scissoring the Poodle top knot and the Schnauzer head are outstanding segments ... Using a clipper and using scissors are both covered as are all important aspects of grooming that must be performed for all dogs ... There is a lot of material packed into this video and plenty of value for all pet owners."

Grooming Your Dog


"Ena Lane of Show Off Shih Tzu fame has ... a grooming video that is quite simply the best of its kind ever done ... her easy way of explaining how things should be done covers all the basics and a few secrets. This video is a must" ShowSight Magazine

"...This sixty minute video designed to cover the basics of grooming ... does so very well.  Laced throughout are beneficial tips ... the quality is excellent ... I highly recommend this to anyone
learning to groom .... This is a
'must have' video for you!"
The Shih Tzu Reporter

Show Off Your Dog


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Once you learn the basics, the rest is simple ... Grooming Your Dog BASIC HAIRCUTS