Grooming Your Dog  BASIC HAIRCUTS

The practical guide to BASIC GROOMING for your dog. The BASIC HAIRCUTS are simple, basic pet clips that the average pet owner can master.

Important elements of BASIC TRAINING  for your dog are also demonstrated because correct handling and conditioning are necessary for grooming to be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

This is the video that should go home with every pet puppy.
"As for the haircuts - beautifully demonstrated ...
simplified and basic. All of the procedures are detailed
with clear, close up camera angles.
Very well done, exceptional."

Grooming Your Dog  BASIC HAIRCUTS

for The Haircuts

and for The Grooming

The Traditional Puppy Cut
Spaniel Cut
The Poodle Clip
The Pet Clip for Terriers
The Utility Cut
Trim the eyebrows and whiskers
Trim the pads of the feet
Pluck hair from the ears
 Cut the toenails
 Your Puppy's first Bath

Video Reviews  
Wonderful! Two thumbs up!
"From start to finish, this is an outstanding video.
My wife and I give "Grooming Your Dog" an enthusiastic "two thumbs up!".
We enjoyed it immensely and most certainly recommend it for anyone
wanting to learn about grooming his or her dog at home. It is obvious
that a lot of thought and devotion went into this program. The impression
throughout is that the people involved care a great deal about dogs, about
grooming and about patiently and intelligently sharing their expertise with
novices. As for the haircuts - beautifully demonstrated. Just as stated
in the description - simplified and basic. All of the procedures are
detailed with clear, close up camera angles.
Very well done, exceptional!

A Wonderful Video!  
If you want to learn how to groom your dog, this video is for you!
I have wanted to learn how to groom my two Shih Tzu's at home.
This video made it possible!
It shows how to groom your dog safely and efficiently.
... This video is great! I don't even have to buy another one!

Excellent, highly recommended.  
I have purchased several grooming videos because I really want
to learn how to groom my two dogs. This video was the BEST by far.
 ...The "BASIC HAIRCUTS" video was actually fun to watch;  every dog was
so cute and watching them get their haircuts and trims was fascinating.
Learning how to handle a dog the correct way during each grooming process
was very clearly explained and very valuable. The demonstration throughout was
clear and easy to follow. I really liked the manner and attitude of the instructor.
It made me feel confident. This morning, I gave Baron his first haircut.
He looks great. I most highly recommend this video!!!

Save money by grooming your dog!  
This video shows you how to wash your dog, use electric clippers,
use scissors and clip nails. It shows all types of haircuts and is easy to follow.   
Awesome information, worth every penny!
May 12, 2007 By Cathi Cook "Dog sculptor" (Colorado)

Years ago, I was lucky to observe as I visited with my best friend
while she would groom dogs. Now, I wish I would have paid more attention
to what she was really what size blades to use
and all the other little "tricks" to get the look you're after.
The information in this tape was exactly what I was hoping for!
These groomers remind me so much of those friendly visits,
and they are explaining exactly what they are doing as they demonstrate!
I will recommend this to everyone, encouraging them to become educated
on how to groom their own dogs!
This is a must have for every dog owner!
A++ from someone that knew that she could do it,
but just didn't quite know how!
Thank you so much for sharing this information.  e
An excellent program presented with a friendly, effective style
This is an excellent and practical dog grooming video for learning how to
do pet clips and grooming at home. A simplified basic pet haircut that can be
adapted to look good on a variety of breeds is presented from start to finish.

Everything is clearly explained so that any pet owner can follow along and
achieve professional looking results. For owners of dogs that just need to be
"tidied up", there is plenty here. Close up camera angles show how to trim
beards and hair fringing the eyes in styles that work well for various breeds.

Scissoring the Poodle top knot and the Schnauzer head are outstanding
segments. Using a clipper and using scissors are both covered as are all
important aspects of grooming that must be performed for all dogs.
Highlights are the angst producing chores of cutting nails and removing hair
from the inner ears. Both of these procedures are demonstrated with
close up camera angles for the novice to understand all the mechanics involved.

Owners of new puppies learn how top get their dogs off to the right start
via a demonstration of how to handle a puppy efficiently and with confidence
during his first bath. The same useful tips and advice apply for adult dogs.
The older dog is not forgotten with the inclusion of the compassionate
closing segment that outlines special considerations in
grooming the elder companion.

There is a lot of material packed into this video
and plenty of value for all pet owners.

Grooming Your Dog  BASIC HAIRCUTS
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  65 minutes Running Time

If you have a dog ... your dog must have basic grooming
If you have a longhaired dog ... your dog must have haircuts
Once you learn the basics, the rest is simple...
and you can be grooming your own dog

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