The Stone Guide to Dog Grooming
for All Breeds

Tricks of the Trade:
From Best Intentions to Best in Show

Revised Edition [Paperback]

You have the winning edge
when your dog is presented in the best condition and groomed to perfection

... I have been searching for a dog grooming book for the normal person to understand and I have found it in this book. The illustrations and written descriptions are very clear and have helped me to understand what to do and how to do it. I highly recommend this to everyone, beginners or beyond.

The graphic value of the Stone Guide fully matches the expert text.

Whether you are an established groomer, grooming student, or an owner who wants to groom the family dog or hobbyist seeking information on the professional side of dog grooming ...

This will be a constant, indispensable reference for every question you'll ever have on the subject.
The Stome Guide to Dog Grooming $32.95
If you only read one dog book this year, make it this book! It is well worth ... reading several times. --Nina Marie Sherrer

In the show ring, judges assess the whole package, which is the sum of effective breeding, evaluating, rearing, teaching, conditioning, nutrition, grooming, care and presentation.

Pat Hastings discusses all of these elements in this book and shares a variety of tips and tricks that she has found useful over her long career in the dog world.

From the whelping box to the group ring, at home and on the road, everyone who is involved in the sport of dogs can learn something from this book.