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Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo

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Whitening & Brightening Shampoo

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Pure White Lightening Shampoo

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Self Rinse Conditioning Shampoo

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Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner

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Revolutionary ... Amazing ... Got Hair Action

MJM Company ... committed to offering the best resources and the most advanced grooming products ...
is pleased to present The Complete #1 All Systems Product Line

#1 All Systems • Complete Product Line
Effective, affordable, state-of-the-art hair care technology places #1 All Systems™ as the leader in the development of professional grooming products for show dogs and cats and for pets.
Show Grooming - Understanding Hair

With an intelligent range of products #1 All Systems™ provides effective and reliable responses for every grooming challenge.

#1 All Systems™ Shampoos, Conditioners, Specific Coat Products and Finishing products are technologically advanced and, quite simply, state-of-the-art.

Carefully crafted and built to last #1 All Systems™ brushes and combs care for every coat type, even the most fragile.

Specialized grooming sprays have been developed by #1 All Systems™ For the ultimate in conditioning and finishing ... and so that you never have to brush out a dry coat. #1 All Systems™ grooming sprays protect, enhance and refine.

For the cutting edge in nutritional supplements .. look no further
#1 All Systems Vital Energy™

#1 All Systems

Natural texture of the coat is genetically determined. It can, however, be altered by nutrition, climate, chemicals and care. Choosing the right shampoo and giving a proper bath is the most important step in the show coat conditioning process.

#1 All Systems

Protect and enhance the coat that that your dog grows with conditioners that work and do not just adhere to the hair and weigh down the coat. The beautifully conditioned animal is a symbol of beauty, excellence, good health and superior care.
That achievement is yours with ...
#1 All Systems.

#1 All Systems
          Grooming Sprays

The totally unique #1 All Systems Moisturizing Coat Protector & EnhancerMoisturizing Coat Protector and Enhancer adds extra shine and is terrific for dematting. Contains vegetable protein, mink oil and highly refined lanolin oil for moisture. Alleviates dry skin. This is the ideal must-have daily grooming spray.

Twice The Volume Twice
The Thickness
3-D Volumizing Spray
Spray a little or a lot into clean freshly bathed coat. Finish styling in your usual manner. The more you use, the bigger the volume, the thicker the coat. Never greasy, sticky or stiff and no build-up.
#1 All Systems 3-D Volumizing

Fabulous Grooming Spray by
Fabulous Grooming Spray#1 All Systems contains a lipid layer enhancer that increases the smoothness and moisturization of coats and skin. This new product conditions and protects plus prevents matting, tangling and static even if hair gets wet after the spray has been applied.

#1 All systems Hair Revitalizer
is an instant conditioner and Hair Revitalizer & Anit-Static Sprayanti-static grooming spray. This light oil-free finishing spray makes brushing easier and keeps dogs and cats looking and smelling freshly bathed. Provides crisp texture. Recommended for use with scissoring.

#1 All Systems
            Finishing Products

Super Whitening

Nothing ruins appearance more than stains. A coat with stains and most especially a stained face seriously detract from a well-groomed presentation.

Remove stains effectively with #1 All Systems Whitening Gel. This clear gel conditions and strengthens hair making it more resistant to future staining.

#1 All Systems Self Rinse Shampoo should be used to immediately clean soiled coats, and used daily on tear stains. Prevent stains from penetrating the hair and becoming permanent. This must-have product does not need rinsing out and will never damage or dry out the coat.

#1 All Systems Whitening & Brightening Shampoo removes residues and deposits that dull coats. This professional shampoo lifts stains from all coat colors.

This trio of products used in conjunction with one another will ensure a polished and finished appearance with the winning advantage.

Control unruly coats and effects from the environment with technologically advanced #1 All Systems products.
Styling Gel & Get It Straight
Styling Gel is invisible to the eye, to the hand and the brush but very effective in holding the coat.

Get It Straight Coat Polish Hair Dressing is a superlative grooming aid that smoothes the coat and conditions.

Quality is Always in Style with #1 All SYSTEMS Grooming Tools
Pin Brushes . Slicker Brushes . Pure Boar Bristle Brush . Massage Brush . Metal Combs
Crafted from the finest materials and workmanship available

#1 All Systems

#1 All Systems
          Metal Combs

#1 All Systems

#1 All Systems
          Pin Brushes

#1 All Systems Vital Energy™
all vegetable formula is a total supplement
for dogs and cats.

Contains essential fatty acids and green phytonutrients
for better general health, peak performance, improved
coat and top condition. Easily digested, high fiber,
no preservative or additives. Go Now>

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