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Clearly Illuminating
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16oz..... $14.95

Gallon .. $43.95

#1 All Systems  Clearly Illuminating Shampoo
This is an extraordinary shampoo recently created by #1 All Systems.

This one does it all.  Cleans very well without stripping, rinses easily and completely, brightens and conditions without altering the proper natural coat texture. For all coats and all coat types.

Gentle even on the most sensitive dogs and safe for all colors including whites, silvers and creams.

"My objective in designing the new Clearly Illuminating Shampoo was to make grooming for the average groomer as easy as possible and as effective as possible." Roberta Lombardi

This highly advanced shampoo .. clearly is designed to do it all.

The advanced formula has panthenol and citric acid with conditioning coconut oil, chamomile flower extract, Aloe Leaf extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein. Concentrated.

BUZZ ... Feedback from a longtime breeder, handler and professional groomer of Poodles
She is switching from her favorite shampoo, the brand that she has been using for the last thirty years to the new #1 All Systems CLEARLY ILLUMINATING SHAMPOO. She loves how easy it is to use and that it does a great job, rinses easily and leaves the coats with fullness, great texture, manageability and sparkle.

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