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#1 All Systems  Metal Combs



#1 All Systems Metal Combs for excellence and unsurpassed quality. Thoroughly tested and highly acclaimed by top professionals worldwide, these are the finest grade metal combs available and are perfectly constructed for optimal performance and durability.

The #1 All Systems Ultimate Metal Comb, the Perfect Poodle Comb and the Fabulous De-Matting Comb surpass every comparable product with looks, construction and performance.

#1 All Systems
Ultimate Metal Comb
sets the standards by which all others will be measured. This comb is hand made from its non-slip handle to extra smooth teeth. Constructed of brass and steel and beautifully finished in nickel that will not wear off.

The #1 All Systems Ultimate Metal Comb is 7.5" long with teeth spaced 11 per inch on one half and 8 per inch on the other - Medium/Coarse.

#1 All Systems
Perfect Poodle Comb
is the most ideal lightweight finishing comb. Previously available only in Japan, this 9.5 inch long comb is handmade from brass/steel and chromeplated. Teeth are all evenly spaced 5 to an inch and are 1.5 inches in length including the handle. Unlike other leading brands, the handsome chromeplated finish will never wear off.

#1 All Systems
Fabulous De-Matting Comb

might just be the very last de-matting tool that you ever buy. Best of all, you'll obliterate mats while minimizing damage to the coat. This fabulous comb has pins evenly spaced and is constructed from the most durable rust resistant steel available. The .5 inches wide handle is made from brass and nickel and the entire 6 inch comb is chrome plated. The ends and the 2 inch long pins are very round and smooth. The Amazing De-Matting Comb helps you divide and conquer the most stubborn mats.

This little comb is perfect to fit in your pocket and is small enough to get in close to groom faces.

The #1 All Systems Pocket / Face Comb
is just over 4 inches long. Half the comb is spaced 10 teeth per inch and the other half is spaced 6 per inch.
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 NEW  Pocket / Face Comb
With brass and steel construction and beautifully finished in nickel, this handsome comb has a solid weighty feel, a non-slip handle .... $17.95

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Ultimate Metal Comb Ultimate Metal Comb .. $27.95
Perfect Poodle Comb Perfect Poodle Comb .. $36.95
Fabulous De-Matting Comb Fabulous De-Matting Comb .. $36.95


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