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A beautifully conditioned coat ...
beauty, excellence, good health and superior care.
#1 All Systems Conditioners  	  Rated quite simply the best in 	  ... All Systems.
That achievement is yours with
#1 All Systems Conditioners
Rated quite simply the best in
... All Systems.

Top show dogs and cats must be impeccably groomed and in spectacular condition to continue their winning ways.  Your pet deserves to benefit from knowledge about show dog and cat conditioning.

Rewards inside and outside of the show ring is a reflection of good care and a healthy coat plus your own personal satisfaction.

Long and flowing or thick and full -- a beautiful coat is a breathtaking sight in the show ring and a source of pride, be it a household pet or a Best In Show Winner.

Conditioning requirements for specific coats determine the best treatment.

Genetically determined texture of the coat can be altered by nutrition, climate, chemicals and care.

Protect the coat that your dog grows
with #1 All Systems.


WHY #1 All Systems

Sensational new #1 All Systems three-part conditioning system for complete transformation of lifeless coats.  

Got Hair Action Smoothing Keratin Shampoo is a technologically advanced shampoo that gently removes dirt and residue.  Outstanding shampoo prepares the Got Hair Action Systemcoat for Smoothing Serum + Moisturizer and Hair Apparent.

Revolutionary keratin-based treatment and leave in conditioner smoothes, adds texture plus volume, repairs, strengthes and shines even the most damaged and unmanageable coats. Got Hair Action

100% formaldehyde-free Brazilian Blow Out for pets.   
#1 All Systems Botanical ConditionerBotanical Conditioner  

Ideal for any coat that is cottony, silky or mats easily. (Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Soft Coated Yorkies, silky or cottony coated Poodles, Maltese, Bichons, Soft Coated Wheaton Terriers).

Also for dogs going through coat change, coats that are difficult to shine or where texture needs enhancing.

Rinse out conditioner according to the amount of coat control -- less rinsing, more control.

HOLDING COATS or KEEPING COATS "IN OIL" refer to the same thing: applying products to reduce tangling and matting and to eliminate brushing between baths.

anThe reduced stress to the coat assures maximum volume and length. (Lhasa Apsos, Poodles, Afghans, Maltese, Yorkies, etc). Succeed with this combination of advanced products:

  #1 All Systems Super Rich Protein Conditioner with Lanolin Plus

Deep conditions, moisturizes, strengthens and provides a fabulous resiliency. Reduces matting and promotes hair growth.

#1 All Systems Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner
for hard or double-coated breeds where
substance and body are neededSuper Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner

(Malamutes, Huskies, coarser coated Poodles, Newfoundlands, Papillions, Collies, Golden Retrievers and dogs of like type and construction).

Rinse out conditioner according to how much body the coat needs -- less rinsing, more body.

To preserve hard coated furnishings Protein Pack
Pure Protein Pack -- Cosmetic Collagen

Used straight or diluted as a spray or cream rinse. Also prevents damage caused by frequent bathing and blow drying. Never any stiff, sticky or greasy buildup. Instant and continuous anti-static. Great pre-chalk conditioner.
A show coat "in oil" (Holding Coat) usually does not need brushing in between show baths. Avoid over-brushing a dirty show coat and NEVER brush a dry coat.

Mat Blaster PlusPre Bath brushing should be done with the use of a conditioning spray by  #1ALL SYSTEMS

The NEW Mat Blaster Plus is a cutomer favorite

This is the must-have daily grooming spray. Holds and protects coats from matting and tangling.

Especially effective for finer, double-coated breeds where conventional oils are too heavy.

Vulumizing and Fabulous Groomin Sprays#1 ALL SYSTEMS
Glorious coats ... They're sure beautiful
at the end of a lead in the show ring.
They're also beautiful at the end of a
leash in the park ...  Gina Spadafori

 Grooming and finishing sprays for coats that are: silky / smooth, texturzied, manageable, have fullness /volume are are tangle -free, mat-free and static-free.

Enhance color with
#1 All Systems Color Enhancing Conditioners

Color Enhancing ConditionersImproves coat texture and volume. In Midnight, Red/Brown and Platinum.

Add Platinum to lighten other Color Enhancing Conditioners.

Concentrated. Use as is or mix with #1 All Systems Conditioners:

# 1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner
for drop-coated and silky coats

#1 All Systems Super Rich
Protein Lotion Conditioner
for hard textured and rough coats

Hair is affected by the climate:
wind, moisture (or lack of it), heat, cold, sun, dust and static.

Static is one of the most common causes of tangling, matting and breakage.Grooming and Styling Products

#1 All Systems Hair Revitalizer & Anti-Stat Coat Spray improves texture and cuts static instantly.

#1 All Systems Get It Straight
The #1 All Systems hair dressing that tames even the most unruly coats, shines all coats and colors and texturizes to improve and enhance all coat types.

#1 All Systems Invisible Hold Setting Styling Gel blocks the effects of humidity and static. This lightweight styling aid is not oily,not sticky and will not buildup. Contains moisturizers and hair strengtheners.

State-of-the-art grooming styling aids by #1 All Systems respond to your every grooming challenge.

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