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#1 All Systems Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner
ReviewI love this conditioner by #1 All Systems.  My Norwich Terrier's coat just 'combes alive' after her bath and Super Rich Conditioner.  - Becky Halverson 
#1 All Systems Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner is for all coat types and especially recommended for building body and for rough and open coats.

This natural conditioner is formulated from pure vegetable protein. It adds texture and shine. Detangles and maintains volume.

Formulated with all natural ingredients. Used alone, this conditioner is especially recommended for hard textured coats.

For longhaired show coats this Super Rich Conditioner is used with: #1 All Systems Lanolin Plus Conditioner for "Holding Coats" (coats kept "in oil"). For pets: continued use will significantly improve overall coat condition.

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Super Rich Protein LOtion Conditioner 16oz 16oz .. $16.95
Save On Products  Save On Shipping Buy Two For . $14.95 Each
Super Rich Protein LOtion Conditioner Gallon Save More Gallon . $38.95
#1 All Systems
Crisp Coat Shampoo

This shampoo is rich in body building, texture enhancing and residue removing botanicals.

Recommended for hard-coated breeds to add / maintain texture. Puts the "snap" back into coats.
#1 All Systems
Pure Lanolin Plus

Deep condition, moisturize, strengthen and add resiliency.

Replaces moisture lost from blow-drying and the environment.  Reduces matting and promotes hair growth.
For basic conditioing #1 All Systems Super Rich Lotion Protein Conditioner should be used alone and rinsed out.

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For Maintenance: use this conditioner with
#1 All Systems Lanolin Plus and leave in for deep conditioning and prevention of breakage.

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