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#1 All Systems Hue=mectant OPil Conditioner
Glorious coats ...
They're sure beautiful at the end of a lead in the show ring. They're also beautiful at the end of a leash in the park ...
- Gina Spadafori
#1 All Systems Humectant Moisturizing Oil is a lightweight, water-soluble, complete conditioner.

This deep moisturizing #1 All Systems conditioner is formulated to strengthen the coat. Excellent for all coats and is specifically recommended for silky, fine, damaged, bleached out, very porous or cottony coats.

Replaces moisture lost through bathing, blow-drying, exposure to sun and wind. Reduces matting and promotes hair growth. Dries quickly and washes out easily, virtually goof-proof! For longhaired show coats,

Humectant Moisturizing Oil Conditioner is is left in the coat (not rinsed out).

CONDITIONING THE SHOW COAT for detailed information about "Holding Coats". This guide from #1 All Systems is quite simply the best and most valuable resource

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#1 All Systems
Advanced Shampoos

#1 All Systems Shampoos are carefully formulated with botanicals and healthy ingredients to be safe and effective.
#1 All Systems
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#1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner
#1 All Systems Conditioners are technologically advanced and respond to every grooming challenge.
Shampoo thoroughly with #1 All Systems Shampoo. For removing stains and to whiten or brighten coats shampoo first with #1 All Systems Professional Whitening & Brightening Shampoo (for all coat colors) -or - #1 All Systems Pure White Lightening Shampoo (for whites, creams, light silvers).
Distribute #1 All Systems Humectant Moisturizing Oil Conditioner evenly and completely over coat or spray in. Do Not Rinse. Squeeze out excess conditioner and dry in usual fashion.
This complete conditioner will deep condition, moisturize, strengthen and provide a fabulous resiliency.

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