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Dog Grooming Products  For Your Show Dog and Your Pets
Glorious coats ... They're sure beautiful
at the end of a lead in the show ring.

They're also beautiful at the end of a
leash in the park ...  Gina Spadafori

At the end of a lead in the show ring, or at the end of leash in the park you want your show dog and your pet to look perfectly groomed. For the competitive edge and for the finished look, count on professional styling aids created by #1 All Systems

#1 All Systems Hair Re-Vitalizer, Texturizer & Instant Anti-Static Coat Spray
A light, ready-to-use, oil-free finishing spray and texturizer.  Highlights natural color and puts "SNAP" into the coat.

Spray on a "Ring Ready" coat to cut static instantly and hold style in place. Excellent for coats that are scissored, such as Poodles, Cockers, Lhasas, etc.

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 Revitalizer & AntiStatic Coat SprayHair Revitalizer & Anti Static Spray  .. $14.95

Revitalizer & AntiStatic Coat GallonHair Revitalizer & Anti Static
Gallon .. $36.95

Technologically advanced with state-of-the-art enzymes and conditioners, this is a clear gel that safely removes tear and urine stains.

#1 All Systems Super Whitening Whitening Gel
is the most effective and convenient to use whitening product on the market.

Whitening products will work better, with more dramatic and with lasting results when used with a regimen that will keep coats clean and stain free.

This combination of products ensures beautiful white faces, coats without stains and an impeccable appearance:

Whitening / Brightening Shampoo#1 All Systems Pure White Lightening ShampooProfessional Whitening & Brightening

#1 All Systems Self Rinse Self Rinse ShampooShampoo -- no rinsing required -- followed by fluff drying is the quick, convenient and effective answer for controlling stains and keeping coats always fresh.

#1 All Systems Whitening / Brighteing Shampoo  For All Coat Colors

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Super Whitening GelSuper Whitening Gel .. $12.95

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Gel Applicator Brush Applicator Brush


#1 All Systems Get It Straight

Get It StraightThis coat polish is a fantastic grooming aid and conditioning product. Repairs damage, blocks humidity and static and tames frizzies.

Adds texture, natural shine, and improves manageability.

Use on clean wet or dry coat for smoothing out the coat, relaxing waves, "cowlicks" and curls. Alcohol free, preservative free, fragrance free.

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 Get It StraightGet It Straight .. $10.95

#1 All Systems Invisible Hold & Styling Gel

Invisible Hold & Styling GelInvisible to the eye, to the hand and the brush but very effective in holding the coat.  This light, freshly scented setting and styling gel provides invisible hold.

A unique #1 All Systems product blocks the effects of both humidity and dry atmosphere by controlling frizzies and fly-away hair. Contains moisturizing and strengthening conditioners.

Non-oily and not sticky, this Gel can be used on even the most fragile coats over the course of several days without any build-up.

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 Invisible Hold & Styling GelInvisible Hold & Styling Gel .. $12.95

#1 All Systems
Advanced Shampoos

#1 All Systems
Advanced Conditioners
#1 All Systems
Grooming Sprays


#1 All Systems Dog Shampoos are recognized by leading show dog groomers as providing outstanding results that you can count on.

#1 All Systems Dog Conditioners are state-of-art and provide a response to every grooming challenge.

With an intelligent range of dog grooming products and cat grooming products and grooming tools #1 All Systems is the leads the field in quality, effectiveness and dependability.

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