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Grooming Sprays created by #1 All Systems enhance, protect, refine, control without build-up, stickiness or brittleness.

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Brushes and Metal Combs by #1 All Systems are designed for looks and built to last.

ReviewI ordered Super Cleaning Conditioning Shampoo and used it first for my puppies first baths. Wonderful shampoo! For Mac, I used this shampoo and rinsed with Product Stabilizer which has a fresh scent. Finished with the Red/Brown Conditioner. Have never had such a beautiful coat on my Irish Setters. Mega-shine, gorgeous color and highlights. - Caroline Kennedy, Massapequa, NY
Use safely #1 All Systems Product Stabilizer Coat Retexturizer & Skin Refresher on all coats to restore natural texture, maximize shine, correct over processed and over conditioned coats.

This totally unique and natural ginger-scented citrus rinse which tones skin, removes residue build-ups from skin and coat, lowers the pH on skin to promote natural healing (dermatitis and hot spots) and neutralizes alkaline stains (urine and saliva).

Product Stabilizer is ideal for maintaining hard and harsh textured coats and for restoring texture to soft-coated breeds that are kept in heavy conditioners or oils between shows.

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#1 All Systems Color Enhancing Conditioners
#1 All Systems
Color Enhancing Conditioners

Advanced color enhancing conditioners contain natural silk and herbal extracts enhance natural coat colors plus add highlights and low lights.

For all coat types. Can be sprayed on, used full strength or can be mixed with conditioners: either #1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner or Super Rich Protein Conditioner.

Product Stabilizer Coat Retexturizer & Skin Refresher is a must-have grooming product.

Shampoo with any #1 All Systems Shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Mix 1oz-2oz Product Stabilizer in a quart bottle and fill with warm water, mix. Saturate coat completely and leave in for 60 seconds. Shampoo again and rinse thoroughly. Follow with #1 All Systems Conditioner.
This essential grooming aid is effective in killing fleas and other biting insects. Excellent as a healing treatment for flea dermatitis and other skin irritations.

Twice monthly usage is recommended to improve skin and texture of hair that is too soft, greasy, separating and/or has static.
Recommended as a rinse after shampoo before using conditioners.

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