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Amazing New Product System    The Transformation Is EXTRAORDINARYGOT HAIR ACTION

Super Clean   Crisp Coat     Whitening & Brightening     Pure White     Self Rinse     Clearly Illuminating

Show Dog Grooming Products  Super Whitening

All other things being equal, the dog (or cat) without a stained coat, and especially without a stained face, is going to win that day.

#1 All Systems Super Whitening
with Super Whitening Gel

This is a clear gel that safely and effectively removes tear and urine stains with state-of-the-art enzymes and technologically advanced conditioners that moisturize and strengthen hair.

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 Super Whitening GelSuper Whitening Gel .. $10.95


#1 All systems Super Whitening Gel is the most effective, and convenient to use, whitening product on the market.

Whitening products are going to work better, with more dramatic and lasting results when used with a regimen that keeps coats clean and stain free.

#1 All Systems whitening shampoos, lift light stains and keep stains from penetrating.  To keep coats dazzling there is
#1 All Systems Professional Whitening & Brightening Shampoo for multi-colored coats, even blacks.

For whites, creams and light silver coats technologically advanced #1 All Systems Pure White Lightening Shampoo uses enzymes to achieve spectacular results.

When is comes to keeping faces white, it is mandatory that these beautiful faces be kept dry and clean. Constantly moist and damp hair, either from tears or saliva, causes those ugly stains that ruin distinctive appearances.

Daily cleansing with #1 All Systems Self Rinse Shampoo -- no rinsing required -- followed by fluff drying is the quick, convenient and effective answer for this grooming challenge.

This combination of products ensures beautiful white faces, coats without stains and an impeccable appearance ...
whether in the show ring or in the park.

Intl Ch Show Off's Humor Me

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#1 All Systems Shampoos  16oz

Whitening / Brightening Shampoo Whitening & Brightening $12.95

Pure White Lightening Shampoo Pure White Lightening $12.95
Self Rinse Conditioning Shampoo - No Rinse FormulaSelf Rinse Conditioning $12.95

Fine Tip Applicator BottleSafely deliver and control grooming products close to your pet's eyes with an applicator bottle that has an extra fine tip  $4.95 Applicator Bottle

Applicator BrushUse our applicator brush to get close with more control and even ditribution of product
$4.95 Applicator Brush 

Whitening & Bightening Shampoo Professional Whitening
& Brightening Shampoo
Remove stains - Brighten colors
For all coats - For all colors
Pure White Lightening Shampoo Pure White Lightening
Remove stains - Brighten
For whites, creams, silvers

Botancial ConditionerSuper Rich Protein Conditioner

Botanical Conditioner
For most coats especially recommended for soft and silky coats and drop-coated breeds.

Protein Conditioner
For coarser, rough and hard-coated breeds.

Color Enhancing Platinum

Platinum Color Enhancing
Enhance and protect color,
add high-lights and shine


#1 All Systems Super Whitening

Stained coats ruin your pet's appearance and cannot be tolerated for show dogs and cats. Dull and lifeless-looking coats happen over time. Both are serious grooming problems.

#1 All Systems products are state-of-the-art utilizing advanced technology for grooming products that enhance coats and deliver results.

[Image]There are several whitening products on the market. NONE are as effective and easy to use as those made by #1 All Systems. Quite simply, the best ... Thousand Oaks, California

[Image]There's no point in entering the show ring with a Maltese who has a stained face. You can count on #1 All Systems for the competitive edge ... always.

I want my pet dogs to have pretty, white faces too.  You can always count on #1 All Systems for the best results.  They KNOW whitening ...
Dave and Tammy Kripendorf

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